Converting HMI500 Libraries

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Converting HMI500 Libraries

When you use the Translate HM1500 Project option in EasyBuilder-5000 to convert a *.eob file, the Translate tool creates a new project file with a
*.mtp extension and it also creates two new Library files that contain the graphics that were in the original *.eob file. It does not convert the
original library files for EZware-500, but rather creates new library files with only the graphics used in the project.

For example, if you start with a project called MyProject.eob the translated project will be called MyProject.mtp. In addition, it creates a shape library file called MyProject.plb and a picture library file called MyProject.fib

When you compress the MyProject.mtp file in EasyBuilder-5000, the compressed file (My Project.cmp) contains the project file and the library files.
When you uncompress the MyProject.cmp file in EBPro, the “MyProject” library files are saved into the EBPro/library folder.

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