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Maple Systems has been a quality-driven leader in the industrial controls marketplace since 1983. We offer affordable control solutions for industrial, OEM, automation, and municipal applications. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and support of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Industrial PCs (IPCs), and Programmable Logic Control (PLCs) solutions. We take pride in providing superior customer service and application assistance to help you achieve business and process goals on time and within budget.

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for OEM, Automation, and Municipal Applications

Affordable Industry 4.0 Automation and Control Solutions

Configurable Industrial PCs are designed and built for maximum reliability and durability with rugged touch screen display as an all-in-one panel.

Industrial Box PCs are fanless, reliable and compact built to perform in challenging environments. With numerous built in I/O connections and options, make it an ideal solution for industrial automation applications.

From basic functionality to advanced IIoT features, our touchscreen HMIs connect to hundreds of PLC communication protocols and deliver functionality, usability, &  durability.

A rugged controller used for industrial automation that can control and monitor any industrial machine or process.

These Class I, Div 2 models combine a touchscreen HMI and a PLC all in one unit, and support IEC programming.

Pair an Industrial Touch Monitor with one of our Industrial Box PCs or our HDMI-enabled HMI to expand your project’s capabilities.

We have the accessories to get your project started. We make custom communication cables for over 300 PLC and controllers.

Our HMI configuration software, HMI+PLC configuration software, and SCADA software allows you to customize any industrial automation process with flexible, powerful software.

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HMI functionality PLUS an Andon Message Board

Powerful HMI functionality and features with the ability to add a display or monitor of your choice. Track and display process data, equipment status, and efficiency metrics in real-time using any large-screen TV or multimedia projector. Allow onsite operators to keep tabs on production from across the room, or from across the factory.

The ability to output video to large screens makes this Headless HMI a great choice for Andon Message Boards and onsite display of Key Performance Indicators.

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