What is an Operator Interface Terminal ( OIT )?

Maple Systems Alphanumeric OITs are powerful, affordable operator interface terminals. Our units offer best-in-class features including: 2 and 4-line LCD and VFD Displays 16 and 24-key keypads unique user-definable keypads slide-in legends. With the ability to communicate with more than 100 brands of PLCs such as Emerson, GE, Koyo, Mitsubishi, Schneider, and many more; motion…

What is OITware?

Maple Systems OITware-200 comes with powerful features to make configuring your OIT products more intuitive: Multi-language support allows you to configure an OIT with 2, 5, or 10 different languages Recipe uploads and downloads can be triggered by either the OIT or the controller Remote variable storage function provides greater storage capacity Your Operator Interface…

Help with messaging passing protocol between the OIT and GE Fanuc PLC.

The Maple Systems Operator Interface Terminal’s (OITs) message passing protocol allows the PLC programmer to choose between two different levels of implementation. The first is a simple, no-handshaking message protocol intended for simpler operator interface applications; the second level adds full message handshaking between the OIT and the PLC. Tech Note 1024, Message Protocol for…

Can an OIT communicate to a single GE Fanuc Series 90 PLC through a CMM module?

Multiple Maple Systems OITs can communicate to a single GE Fanuc Series 90 PLC through a CMM module. The CMM311 module is available for the Series 90-30 PLC. The CMM711 module can connect to the Series 90-70 PLC. Each CMM module enables the user to install 2 additional ports running the GE Fanuc SNP Protocol…

Are your products CE certified?

CE indicates that the product meets the safety standards required to be sold in the European Union. All Maple Systems products have CE certification.

Are your products UL certified?

UL indicates that the product has been tested to meet the safety standards of the United States by Underwriters Laboratories. Some, but not all, Maple Systems products are UL certified. See the individual project pages on our website for certification information.

What is the difference between NEMA4 and NEMA4X?

NEMA 4 is a rating that indicates the HMI, when properly mounted in a panel, can provide protection against dirt, rain, and windblown dust, including hose directed water. NEMA 4X is the same as NEMA 4 but must also provide protection against corrosion.

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