Getting started with MapleLogic​ PLC Software

Get up and running today with MapleLogic, Maple Systems PLC Programming Software. No prior controls or programming experience necessary.

With the use of our free and easy to use PLC Software, streamline your PLC project in record time utilizing virtual chassis, embedded simulator, and troubleshooting tools to decrease your deployment timeline. And with advanced features such as PID control, periodic interrupt functions, input filtering, and more programming your PLC is a breeze.

With our catalog of training videos and support documentation – programming your system is made simple.

MapleLogic Software Training Basics

PLC Software Features​

With Ladder Diagram, Instruction List, Sequential Function Chart, or Function Block programming languages; create your project your way.

Save time by using our premade configuration functions; allowing you to quickly create positioning, PID control, input filters, and more programs quickly and efficiently.

Monitoring your PLC just got easier; with precise error detection, troubleshooting tools, data monitoring, online simulation, and so much more – know the ins-and-outs of your PLC

PLC Programming Environment​​

MapleLogic is the configuration software used to program our PLCs. Using your preferred programming language and the tools readily available – you can create your one-of-a-kind control solution.

Our simple but powerful PLC software allows you to create complex programs with the help of our extensive instruction list, easy-to-use configuration tools, and smooth interface. The all-in-one PLC software is your one stop shop for easy PLC programming. Click below to learn more about our PLC programming environment.

Quick Start Guide

Our Quick Start Guide brings you up to speed quickly. We recommend using this guide in conjunction with the Quick Start project files, this step-by-step guide walks you through creating your first project.

Sample Projects

We have created sample applications/projects and sample kits that demonstrate software features, give programming information for specific controllers, or demonstrate product capabilities.

Additional Resources

Download software, manuals, guides, sample projects, controller information sheets, cable draeings, CAD drawings, tech notes, or watch a tutorial video to get you started in our Support Center.

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