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Mounting Clips Kit for HMC (4 per set) For HMC2000, HMC3000 & HMC4000 Series

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This 2-position plug is for use with I/O modules in the HMC, MLC, and MLE…

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This 4-position plug is for use with I/O modules in the HMC, MLC, and MLE…

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This 5-position plug is for use with I/O modules in the HMC, MLC, and MLE…

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This 8-position plug is for use with I/O modules in the HMC, MLC, and MLE…

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MAPware-7000 Logic Editing Mode

MAPware-7000 minimizes software development time by making it easy to design & program all aspects of your project in one environment. Stop worrying about if your HMI and PLC are communicating to each other, MAPware-7000 was created to eliminate this frustration and provides one interface to interact with your whole control system.

Why Class 1, Division 2

The first requirement for a Class I enclosure is strength. The enclosure must be strong enough to contain an explosion within. The walls must be wide enough to withstand the internal strain. It must be explosion-proof in case gas or vapors get inside. Secondly, it must function at a temperature below the ignition temperature of the surrounding atmosphere. The equipment must also provide a way for the burning gases to escape from the device as they expand during an internal explosion.

When the hazardous material is expected to be confined within closed containers or closed systems and will be present only through accidental rupture, breakage or unusual faulty operation, the situation could be called “abnormal”. The Code writers have designated these two kinds of conditions very simply, as Division 1 – normal and Division 2 abnormal.

Our HMI + PLC are C1D2 certified and meet strict requirements.

Read our Case Studies

Jake Davis, Product Engineer for De Dietrich Process Systems, Inc contacted us for help with a redesign of the Powder Pump. The Powder Pump is a dense-phase pneumatic conveying system that eliminates the need to manually handle solids and minimizes other potential hazards by providing a closed system to transfer materials such as powders, prills, granules, flakes, etc. in a safe and contained manner. Read how Maple Systems product is used in this real-world application.

Visit our case studies page to see our customers use our products to reduce costs, provide features, increase functionality, and solve problems. It’s easy to see why our customers are so happy with how we do business and continue to use our products year after year.

Serving Industries Around the World

Automated processes can work 24/7 with occasional outages for maintenance, which is clearly faster than human operators can perform. For this reason, increased efficiency and higher through-put rates are two of the biggest benefits of automation. In addition to elevated efficiency, automation also allows companies to collect valuable data from the production line that can be used to improve maintenance. Predictive maintenance is a new approach to maintenance where real-time data is used to identify potential issues and alert when maintenance is needed – further reducing costs as well as production downtimes.

Learn more about the industries we serve and discover why more and more companies are choosing Maple Systems.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

For a local interface at the machine our HMI + PLC units are the ideal solution. This affordably priced units combine a touchscreen display and PLC control in a single package and programmed by using our Free MAPware7000 software with graphs, alarms, trending, data logging, web server functionality and more.

We offer all the components you need to create your own unique level of supervisory data acquisition and control, from the simplest stand-alone machine to sophisticated multi-device networked production line(s), all the way to enterprise-level operations and IIoT functionalities leveraging cloud connectivity.

Add Maple Systems components to grow your abilities to supervise, control, and acquire data.

To learn more about how our products work together to create scalable SCADA solutions, visit our SCADA solutions page.

Additional Resources

Read more about the types of HMIs — as well as their basic functions and new and emerging HMI functions and connectivity options. Additionally, we discuss the role of HMIs in IIoT operations and the trend towards standardization (for both open source and proprietary setups) in our HMI Design Guide.

Read more about remote access at the machine level, seeing/acquiring additional information at a supervisory station, or communicating data outside of your factory local network in our

In our Support Center we have compiled all of our most common technical support questions into one place to help you find the answers you need. From hardware to software, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Customize Your HMI, HMI+PLC, or PC

Company branding is a significant aspect of business marketing. By using custom labels on your products, you can create an identity to gain recognition from customers and potential buyers. It helps consumers recognize that the product was made by your company. Having this type of brand recognition can help your business stand out from competitors. Our Custom Labels:

HMI + PLC Combo Documentation

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