cMT Viewer is a client application that enables users to view and control select HMIs, quickly and easily. cMT Viewer runs the HMI project on the client device. Only application data is exchanged between the hardware, acting as a server, and the client device – your smart phone or tablet.

In today’s IIoT world, security is a top priority. Demands for instantaneous data from all levels of production have put increased pressure on OEMs and systems integrators to provide remote access to the manufacturing plant. Just as important though, is ensuring that the safety of employees and protection of company equipment and intellectual property is not compromised. Maple Systems HMIs provide several layers of security features that keep your control system safe, yet still accessible to personnel located outside the plant.

Whether you have a dedicated access point, such as a Wi-Fi Router or Cellular Modem, or whether you use Mobile Hotspots, you can connect to your Maple Systems Wi-Fi HMI quickly and easily to receive the latest updates, make modifications to your application, or control your operations wirelessly.

Read more about how our Dual-Ethernet models conveniently divide competing connectivity demands between two separate networks. This offers the benefits of connecting to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for your customers, while increasing the reliability and security of a private control network dedicated to keeping machinery operating at peak performance.

No longer does your screen size have to be limited to the available HMIs on the market – you can now display your real-time production data on a large wall-mounted Status Display Station or Andon board, easily visible from any plant floor location.

What if you could instantly access display information from a plant floor HMI or PLC from the comfort of your office, your living room, or even thousands of miles from the factory? With EasyAccess 2.0, all of this and more is possible.

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