Maple Systems – Weintek Strategic Alliance – 2018

Maple Systems and Weintek Labs equally pride ourselves on not only having mastered the basics in our controls offerings but are also passionate about remaining at the forefront of technological changes in our market. Weintek Labs sets a precedent in keeping products relevant, compatible, easy-to-use, and above all, reliable—which is why Maple Systems is proud to be Weintek’s #1 provider in the US.

We invite you to explore the variety of HMIs, remote and smart devices available on our website today. Our 30+ years in the industrial automation field, our commitment to offering up-front affordable pricing and never charging for technical support are all reasons why Maple Systems remains an established name in an abundance of competition throughout the automation market.

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Founded in 1995, Weintek has committed itself to designing high-performance HMI products. The company defied industrial standards by manufacturing the unprecedented full color 7″ and 10″ 16:9 touchscreen HMI products, which still serve as the foundation for worldwide factory automation today.

Weintek’s cMT HMI line took HMIs to the mobile platform, perfectly integrating HMI, tablet, and PC for the ultimate operator interface experience. Additional information about Weintek is available at

Maple Systems—Weintek Strategic Alliance – July 9, 2015

Maple Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer and provider of human machine interfaces (HMIs), is pleased to announce an expanded strategic alliance with Weintek Labs, Inc. for the North American HMI market. Maple Systems and Weintek will collaborate in the promotion of HMI products in North America, ensuring the ultimate HMI experience in control automation and machine design. In addition, Weintek has appointed Maple Systems as its premier partner and technical support center for HMIs in North America.

Long-Term Partnership

For 15 years, Maple Systems and Weintek have partnered in promoting innovative HMI products. As the control automation market expands with a versatile offering of screen sizes, user interfaces, and price points, this notable alliance encourages growth of the US and Canadian HMI markets. As the largest North American supplier of HMI products powered by Weintek Labs, Maple Systems is able to offer affordable solutions with best-in-class application support.

Your Control Automation Leader

This alliance will provide users with comprehensive access to HMI products utilizing Maple Systems’ expertise and time-to-market service. Anticipated synergies will drive growth, resulting in innovative HMI solutions leading the marketplace.

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