Our Process

Maple Systems Technical Support can provide a solution to your technical difficulties. In some cases, it may be necessary to return a product for repair. If this is the case, Maple Systems will gladly service your product at our headquarters in Everett, WA.

In order to start a repair or return, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form must be completed including model and serial number. If the serial number is damaged in any way and the unit is still within warranty period, the warranty will be voided.

Once we receive your RMA request and verify Technical Support has been consulted, we will review the request form and either issue you an RMA number or contact you with additional information.

Products being returned must have an approved RMA number from Maple Systems before items may be returned.

Maple Systems cannot provide RMA service to customers purchasing product from one of our OEM or VAR customers. For those products, apply for service with that OEM or VAR.

All returns will be tested to verify customer claims of noncompliance with the product warranty. If we are unable to reproduce the reason for return, the product will be returned “AS IS” to the customer. If noncompliance is verified and is not due to customer abuse or other exceptions described within the product warranty, Maple Systems will, at its option, repair or replace the product. Customer is responsible for freight charges to ship the product to us for diagnosis and repair.

To request an RMA, please contact our Customer Service Department via email at repairs@maplesystems.com or via phone at 425-745-3229.

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