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We offer Custom Communication Cables to interface with over 300 protocols.

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Wi-Fi Expansion Module for the cMT3102Xv2, cMT2108X2, cMT3108XH, cMT3108XP, cMT3102Xv2 and cMT2108Xv2 adds wifi connectivity…

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Screen protectors will provide an additional level of protection from scratches and impact marks on…

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Cable, CAT5E Ethernet, Crossover, 5′ For all products with Ethernet

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Connecting a Maple Systems HMI to a Maple Systems PLC Couldn’t Get Easier

Whether you are new to Maple Systems or are familiar with our HMIs, pairing one of our powerful HMIs with a Maple Systems PLC is easy.

Our fully functional, low-cost PLCs with built-in I/O offer you the ability to add control functionality to your project and maintain your Maple Systems HMI. These powerful units are fully functional PLCs with digital and analog I/O that support high-speed counters and PWM (pulse width modulation). Analog I/O options support several voltage and current modes as well as RTD (resistance temperature detection) and thermocouple sensors to measure temperature. Select the right PLC.

Maple Systems HMI and PLC
Integrate Maple Systems products into your SCADA System

SCADA Systems and PLCs

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are systems that include various devices that allow users to monitor, control, and optimize industrial processes. SCADA systems can include different combinations of devices such as PLCs, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)monitors , databases, and more, to solve automation challenges.

Class I, Division 2 HMIs

Any electronics being used in a potentially dangerous environment, or around flammable hazards must be Class I, Div 2 certified to prevent dangerous explosions and ensure worker safety – and we have solutions to meet this strict requirement. Our popular C1D2 HMIs are used in industries including oil and gas, mining, painting, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, and more.

Class1 Div2 HMIs
Headless HMI

Headless HMI

These powerful HMIs are DIN rail mounted without a built-in display that allow you to monitor PLC operations, gather data, and remotely access your control system on your Apple/Android smart phone, or your own tablet/laptop/PC. Our HDMI®-enabled HMI works with screens of any size, making screen size no longer a limitation in your application.

HMI + Remote I/O + CODESYS

This unique architecture saves time, hardware cost, communication cabling, and valuable control cabinet real estate, without compromising on the CPU resources real time applications require. CODESYS provides a control solution that is one of the most complete implementations of the IEC 61131-3 standard for PLC software on the market. We offer several innovative hardware solutions serving as the perfect platform for your CODESYS HMI or PLC project. See our CODESYS Tutorials and SoftPLC Software resources.


High Brightness HMI

Our high brightness/sunlight readable projected capacitive touchscreen monitors with 1000nits are ideal for applications in Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Education, Gaming/Entertainment, Home Automation, Retail, and Transportation, and pair easily with our HDMI-enabled headless HMI. The projected capacitive technology allows use with any type of gloves.

Wi-Fi Enabled HMI

The HMI Wi-Fi access point allows smartphones or laptops to wirelessly connect to HMI allowing monitoring and maintenance of the HMI through your connected device. The Wi-Fi access feature can be easily enabled from a browser or on the HMI. If a fixed display is required, adding our WIFI expansion module to a wifi-supported HMI creates a flexible connectivity solution consolidated into a single package.

Read our case study on how an OEM improved safety by adding Wi-Fi

Add a wifi module to one of our supported HMI for Wi-Fi functionality
Pair a Maple Systems HDMI-enabled HMI with a monitor or screen to create an Andon or Status Display Station

Create an Andon Station

Our HDMI-enabled unit is a powerful HMI with no display that converts any compatible TV or monitor into an Andon or Status Display Station. All HMI data and screens are displayed on an HDMI®-compatible monitor. This model divides the traditional all-in-one HMI into two, distinct parts: A data-processing unit and a separate visual display.

Maple Systems HMIs support over 300 different PLCs and Controllers, including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, and more

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Connectivity

With over 300 PLC & Controller communication protocols, these HMIs will easily integrate with your preferred PLC brands, including:

  • Maple Systems
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Omron
  • Emerson
  • GE
  • Panasonic
  • Mitsubishi
  • …and many more

View All Controllers

Connect a Maple Systems PLC to one of our HMIs

Customize Your HMI, HMI+PLC, or PC

Company branding is a significant aspect of business marketing. By using custom labels on your products, you can create an identity to gain recognition from customers and potential buyers. It helps consumers recognize that the product was made by your company. Having this type of brand recognition can help your business stand out from competitors. Our Custom Labels:

Customize your Maple Systems HMI with a custom logo
Maple Systems HMI Design Guide

In this exclusive HMI Design Guide, we review the types of HMIs — as well as their basic functions and new and emerging HMI functions and connectivity options. The role of HMIs in IIoT operations and the trend towards standardization (for both open source and proprietary setups) is also covered.

Please check your download folder for the Free Design Guide.

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