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cMT3072XP Front View


A Capacitive Touchscreen HMI, the cMT3072XP with an activated CODESYS license features a powerful CPU,…

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cMT3102Xv2 Front View


The cMT3102Xv2 with an activated CODESYS license features a powerful CPU, remote access capabilities, IIoT…

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cMT3152Xv2 Front View


The cMT3152Xv2 with activated CODESYS license features a powerful CPU, remote access capabilities, IIoT functionality,…

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cMT2158Xv2 Front View


The cMT2158Xv2 with an activated CODESYS license features an aluminum enclosure, powerful CPU, remote access…

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Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables network cables to not only transmit data but also deliver electrical power. One of the most significant advantages of PoE is its ability to deliver both power and data over a single Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need for separate power cables, reducing cable clutter and simplifying the installation process. It is particularly advantageous in locations where adding power outlets can be challenging or costly. 

To illustrate, consider the typical installation of a digital security camera. Traditionally, two separate connections are needed: one for establishing a network connection to communicate with video recording and display equipment, and another for power supply. PoE combines both functions into a single cable, streamlining the installation process.

Learn more about our POE models

Why Class 1, Division 2

Class 1 Division 2, or C1D2, is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for rugged industrial PC to use in hazardous industries. Any electronics being used in a potentially dangerous environment or around flammable hazards must be C1D2 certified to prevent dangerous explosions and ensure worker safety.

The Classes define the type of explosive or ignitable substances which are present in the atmosphere such as:

  • Class I locations are those in which flammable vapors and gases may be present.
  • Class II locations are those in which combustible dust may be found.

DIN and Rack Mount Compatible

Manufacturing floors are crowded areas that rarely have available desk space for a computer. The PC2311 has an optional mounting bracket that makes it compatible as a DIN rail computer or a rack mount computer. The bracket is also VESA compatible, meaning the unit can be mounted nearly anywhere. Mount it next to vital machinery for easy interfacing or on a rack as a central controller for connected equipment. The versatility of this rack mount mini-PC makes it an ideal solution for nearly any application.

BPC2311A Angle View

SCADA Software

AVEVA Edge, formerly known as Indusoft Web Studio, is a powerful HMI/SCADA software package for a wide range of industrial applications. With easy-to-use commands/tool bars and a Microsoft Windows™ environment, Aveva™Edge’s feature-rich application puts you in the driver’s seat of creating your industrial process.

Add an Industrial Monitor for More Versatility

Our Embedded Industrial Box PC are fully compatible with our Industrial Monitors. With 10.1”, 10.4”, 12.1”, 15.0”, 17.0”, and 21.5” capacitive touchscreens, high brightness/sunlight readable options, high brightness/extended temperature with optical bonding options, or Class 1, Div 2 rated options, pairing a Maple Systems Industrial PC with one of our Industrial Monitors is easy.

Linux OS for Industrial PCs

Our Linux® Industrial PCs come with Ubuntu® Operating System (OS) installed to guarantee hardware-software compatibility. You can choose either Ubuntu® Desktop or Ubuntu® Server and take the guesswork out of a reliable PC to run your Linux® OS application. These options give you all the power and flexibility of the Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) world. Visit our Linux page for more information.

Our BPC2330A Supports RAID 0 RAID 1

Also known as Disk Striping, RAID 0 offers the benefit of increased performance. Data is “striped” across multiple disks that work in concert to appear as a single partition. RAID 0 is usually implemented for caching live streams and other files where speed is important and reliability/data loss is secondary.

RAID 1 writes and reads identical data to pairs of drives. This process is often called data mirroring and it’s a primary function is to provide redundancy. If any of the disks in the array fails, the system can still access data from the remaining disk(s). Once the faulty disk is replaced with a new one, the data is copied to it from the functioning disk(s) to rebuild the array.

Our Industrial Box PCs Solve Challenges in Every Type of Organization and Industry

Whether your aim is to increase throughput, lift quality control, improve traceability, reduce recalls, better personnel safety, or all the above, we can help. Our technology offers innovative solutions for all types of industrial process control issues. Whether it’s reducing time to market, streamlining processes, maintaining regulatory compliance, or reducing costs, we can help you address your distinctive challenges head on.

Learn more about the industries we serve and discover why more and more companies are choosing Maple Systems.

Read our Case Studies

Our customer’s in-depth knowledge in critical infrastructure projects covers all aspects of electrical systems including power distribution, switchgear, automation controls and instrumentation, standby power, SCADA, and network communications. Read how choosing a two-piece Maple solution allowed the customer to solve a frustrating maintenance issue and maximize uptime for their PC application.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

A full SCADA system integration solution on a Maple Systems Industrial PC can supervise, control, and collect data from HMI units and connect multiple networked PLCs. Use that data for reporting or identifying inefficiencies to optimize your plant operations. On the host PC add our Aveva Edge SCADA software, or any other third-party applications, to customize the reporting or control capabilities for your industry.

We offer all the components you need to create your own unique level of supervisory data acquisition and control, from the simplest stand-alone machine to sophisticated multi-device networked production line(s), all the way to enterprise-level operations and IIoT functionalities leveraging cloud connectivity.

To learn more about how our products work together to create scalable SCADA solutions, visit our SCADA solutions page.

Manuals and documentation for products supported by Maple Systems Industrial Panel PC products.

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