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HMI5000 Series
cMT Series


TCP Port Usage of HMI and cMT Products








Both the HMI 5000 Series as well as the cMT Series use a number of Ethernet ports when doing various tasks. This document serves as a reference for these port numbers.


Many of the features for both the Graphic HMIs and the cMT Series products use Ethernet communication, often with a specified port. Below is a table of the ports used and their respective feature:

TCP PortUsage
8000Used when connecting to a Remote HMI
20248Used when downloading a project via Ethernet (For Graphic HMIs)
80Used when downloading a project via Ethernet (For cMT Series)
5900Used with the VNC Viewer
2000Used with Ethernet Pass-Thru
8005Used with the Printer/Backup Server
502Used for Modbus TCP/IP
8001Used with EasyDiagnoser
21Used with the FTP Server
443Used with EasyAccess 2.0
8080Used for Web Streaming on the Graphic HMI P and XL Series, and the cMT-SVR
9100Used with CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) for the cMT-3151
554Used for RTSP with IP Cameras
5800Used for WebView (cMT-X Series)
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