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Converting from EZware-5000 to EBPro








This document provides guidelines for converting an application from EZware-5000 to EBPro.



Using the Compress utility in EZware-5000, compress the EZware-5000 project. This utility is found in Tools -> Compress/Uncompress. This will create a new file with the same name as the project, but with the file extension .CMP. This is required to be sure that all the dependencies, such as library files, are transferred to EBPro.


Download EBPro from the Maple Systems Software & Upgrades page. The EBPro installer is the first item in the table.


Open EBPro and open the Compress/Uncompress utility, located in File -> Compress/Uncompress. Select the compressed file, file extension .CMP. Also set a destination to uncompress to. Finally, click the Uncompressing button.

NOTE: Beginning with EZwarePlus v2.00, the project file extension was changed to *.emtp. It will still open *.mtp files, but saves them as *.emtp files.

For Allen-Bradley Users: If the project has UDTs associated with it, the Data Type files are also compressed and uncompressed along with the project file and library files. Backup the Data Type files if you have already created UDTs with the Structure Editor in EBPro. If the EasyBuilder-5000 project was created in v4.42 or v4.50, see Technical Note 5088, “Using the New Structure Editor” for instructions on exporting the Data Types from the old AB Data Type Editor and importing them into the new Structure Editor.


Open the uncompressed project file in EBPro by going to File-> Open. When the project opens, the System Parameter Settings window will open. From this window, select the correct HMI model.


If the screen resolution from the original HMI and the new HMI are different, the Resize pop-up windows/object window will appear. Select the desired resizing options and click the OK button.

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