Can I create an Alarm in MAPware-7000? Do the HMI+PLCs support Alarms?

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Can I create an Alarm in MAPware-7000? Do the HMI+PLCs support Alarms?

Yes, MAPware-7000 lets you create up to 255 alarms in HMI + PLC (HMC) projects and display them in either a real-time or historical window.

Real-time alarms display when certain events in your process occur and show the current status of a process. When real-time alarms are triggered, they remain on the display window until they are acknowledged, or the alarm condition returns to its normal state. Display real-time alarms with different text colors to delineate the state of the alarm (active unacknowledged, active acknowledged, or inactive unacknowledged), severity, date and time, etc.

Historical alarms are a sequential history of your application’s alarm activity. Stored in non-volatile memory, they remain even when the machine is turned off. Historical alarms can be displayed with the severity level, date, and time the alarm occurred, when it was acknowledged, and when it returned to normal. A historical alarm list can also be uploaded to the PC and saved as a CSV file using MAPware-7000.

In Native Ladder, it is recommended to use Internal Registers (BW) for the alarm words. Since the Internal Coils (B) comprise the individual bits of the BW words, they can then be used to trigger the individual alarms. You must create the tags for the alarm words (BW) and the alarm bits (B). The alarm bit (B) tags can be used to trigger alarms in the ladder logic.

In IEC mode, create an Alarm word tag, then create a BOOL array to use with the Set Bit function (Registers) to turn on individual bits in the Alarm word and trigger individual alarms.

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