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Remotely Access Maple HMIs and Connected PLCs with EasyAccess 2.0

In recent years, more and more production data are being shared with Information Technology teams by way of SQL database integrations, email alerts, or through various IIoT protocols, such as MQTT or OPC UA. Along with the demand for this data, Operations Teams are under increasing pressure to respond quickly to outages and changing production requirements.

In the past, this meant operators had to either be on-site, or remain close by the plant and on-call at all times.

Now, with Maple Systems remote access solutions, operators can instantly and securely access display information from an HMI or PLC on the plant floor. EasyAccess 2.0 is the tool which makes this possible. Respond to changing conditions on the ground from the comfort of your living room, or from thousands of miles away.

EasyAccess 2.0, with its integrated VPN service, not only allows for streamlined, remote troubleshooting, but also for making improvements to existing projects from anywhere in the world.

A simple Domain Management page accessible in your web browser lets you assign users to HMIs and add HMIs to user groups. Anytime you need to connect to a Maple HMI remotely, EasyAccess 2.0 provides you with a dynamic, virtual IP address and with one click you can connect and gain control over your application. No more configuring static IPs or opening ports in your firewall. EasyAccess 2.0 takes care of all of this for you.

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