Converting a HMI5070P/HMI5070Pv2 to cMT3072XHT

Converting from your HMI5070P/HMI5070Pv2 is quick and easy, giving you several key hardware upgrades along with some software changes. style=”width: 655.953px; height: 204.11px;” data-filename=”5070pv3072xht.png”> Software: Below is a quick video showing you the easy process of converting your current HMI5070P/HMI5070Pv2 project to one that can be used in the cMT3072XHT. This process will need to…

How to turn on Monitor Mode in cMT-Viewer

To turn on Monitor Mode in cMT-Viewer: 1.       Click on the “gear” icon in the upper-right corner to open the Settings window. 2.       Click on the “More settings” lock icon and enter the password (default: 111111). 3.       Click on the General tab and turn on “Monitor mode.” data-filename=”Settings_GeneralTab.jpg” style=”width: 576px;”>   4.       Close…

How to hide the orange Start button in cMT-Viewer

In cMT-Viewer, click on the orange Start button to minimize the project, then click on the “gear” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.   data-filename=”Gear_Icon.jpg” style=”width: 622px; height: 299px;”>   This opens the Settings window. Click on “More settings” in the bottom-left corner and enter the password (default: 111111).   data-filename=”More_Settings.jpg” style=”width: 621px;…

How many devices can connect to a cMT server at one time? How do I control how many devices can connect?

The number of devices that can simultaneously connect remotely to a cMT product (using cMT-Viewer, cMT-Viewer app, or EasyAccess 2.0) is controlled on the <i>remote</i> tab of the System Parameter Settings window in EasyBuilder Pro (Home > System Paramters… > Remote): The default number is 3 and the max is 10. Connecting with multiple devices…

Can I use a cMT to call a stored procedure in an SQL database?

Yes, create a SQL Query command and insert the SQL syntax. If the SQL syntax is executable in the database management tool (ex. Microsoft SQL Management Studio) then it will work in EBPro. The cMT is just a SQL client that relays the syntax to the database server

Is the cMT-iM21 an HMI?

No. The cMT-iM21 is a 21″ HDMI® compatible display specifically designed for use with the cMT-FHD. It can be used with other HDMI® compatible products, but not all features will be available. The cMT-iM21 and cMT-FHD are discontinued, contact our sales department for replacement information.

Is the cMT-iM21 a Tablet?

No. The cMT-iM21 is an HDMI® display. It does not run any software. The cMT-iM21 is discontinued, contact our sales department for replacement information.

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