How to turn on Monitor Mode in cMT-Viewer

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How to turn on Monitor Mode in cMT-Viewer

To turn on Monitor Mode in

Click on the “gear” icon in the upper-right corner to open the
Settings window.

2.       Click on the “More settings” lock icon and enter the password
(default: 111111).

Click on the General tab and turn on “Monitor mode.”

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Close the settings window.

If you are currently logged in to an HMI, use the orange Start
button in the upper-left corner of cMT-Viewer to minimize the view. You will
see a small view of each HMI on the screen. If Monitor Mode has been enabled in
the project on the HMI (System Parameters > General tab), Window 3 will
appear in the Monitor view, otherwise it will show the startup window.
(Note: If an HMI shows “Connecting” and doesn’t show Window 3, try connecting
to it in EasyAccess 2.0 by clicking on the double-arrow icon.)

Click on any HMI to view it in cMT-Viewer.

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