How to hide the orange Start button in cMT-Viewer

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How to hide the orange Start button in cMT-Viewer

In cMT-Viewer, click on the orange
Start button to minimize the project, then click on the “gear” icon in the
upper-right corner of the screen.


data-filename=”Gear_Icon.jpg” style=”width: 622px; height: 299px;”>


This opens the Settings window.
Click on “More settings” in the bottom-left corner and enter the password (default:


data-filename=”More_Settings.jpg” style=”width: 621px; height: 378px;”>


On the General tab, scroll down
to the “Show Start button” option. If you turn off the Start button, it will
hide the Start button but it will still be in the same location on the screen.
Click on the location where the Start Button is for 1.5 seconds to activate it.


data-filename=”Show_Start_Button.jpg” style=”width: 622px; height: 468px;”>


You can also move the Start
button to any of the four corners on the screen by clicking on the “Hidden
Start position” option and selecting the corner you want to use.

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