What is cMT?

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What is cMT?

cMT solutions are IIoT-ready HMIs that enable easy monitoring of your industrial plant from a remote device. Install the free cMT Viewer software on your device to enable control and monitoring on any Windows® PC, Apple/Android phone or tablet.

The cMT Series offers many different models with and without built-in screens to maximize your options when selecting the correct HMI for your system. cMT HMIs all come with built-in server functionality that allows your remote device running the cMT Viewer application to view and control screens from anywhere on your local network.

The cMT Viewer application is available from the software section of our website for the Windows® PC version, from the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and the Google Play Store for Android devices. This means that organizations can implement a flexible combination of cMT products with different display devices according to their unique application and user needs.

cMT HMIs can be broken into two categories – DIN rail mounted cMT Servers with no built-in touchscreen that can be hidden away in control cabinets, and panel-mounted touchscreen cMT HMIs that offer the standard stationary HMI interface that operators are used to.

Both Server and Touchscreen models support external connection via cMT Viewer – up to ten different display devices can be connected to each single cMT HMI at one time. All models also support common IIoT features such as MQTT cloud support, OPC UA for SCADA and ERP support, SQL database integration, and secure remote access via EasyAccess 2.0.

Learn more about these IIoT features in the IIoT section of our website. In addition to cMT HMIs, Maple Systems also offers cMT Communication Gateways for applications where standard HMI display functionality isn’t required, but the data extraction features are. cMT Gateways offer all the same communications drivers and IIoT features that cMT HMIs do, which allows them to be used to modernize legacy equipment.

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