What models support Sparkplug B, AWS, Mirosoft Azure, and Google Cloud versions of the MQTT feature?

These options are only available on the cMT and cMTX series products. HMIs do not support these options. It may still be possible to connect to a Sparkplug B  / AWS, Azure or Google Cloud MQTT broker  but it isn’t built into the HMI settings. For more information on Sparkplug B refer to the Sparkplug…

How can I subscribe to topics using Sparkplug B MQTT?

I understand you’re trying to enable bidirectional communication from the Ignition Gateway to your HMI (similar to a “subscribe” function). As you may have seen, Subscribe doesn’t work the same way here with Sparkplug. I’ve attached our Guide regarding the setup for Ignition. Please see page 20 regarding enabling writes from the Ignition Gateway to…

How do I set-up MQTT?

Tech Note 5111, “MQTT Set Up,” walks through the steps necessary to configure a Maple Systems HMI as an edge gateway for an MQTT network. There are 4 main tasks that are addressed in the tech note: A project will be created that enables the HMI to act as an MQTT publisher. HMI memory addresses…

How much is an OPC-UA License?

There is a one-time fee of $300.00 for an OPC-UA license. Select Maple Systems cMT models do not require a separate license, please refer to specific models for more information.

Define Broker (aka Server)

A fundamental advantage of MQTT is that data is sent to a central “broker” instead of being directly transmitted to multiple clients such as remote interfaces or management software. The MQTT broker is responsible for maintaining client connections and sending/receiving messages. Client devices, edge gateways, and IT applications (or publishers/subscribers in MQTT language), are freed…

Define OPC Server

The OPC server is a software program that converts the hardware communication protocol used by a PLC into the OPC protocol. The OPC UA server grants access to Client devices that wish to connect. The server publishes notifications to Clients and End Users, monitors Client devices, and collates data according to information models.

What is an Edge Gateway (EG)?

In automation systems a gateway is a protocol translator. In the IIoT, protocol translators are referred to as “Edge Gateways” because they are at the ‘edge’ of the widely distributed network of devices creating and consuming data.

What is OPC UA?

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is the next generation of OPC, featuring cross-platform interoperability, high security, and proven reliability. Developed by the OPC Foundation, it is a machine to machine communication protocol for the industrial automation industry and retains all the core functions of OPC, effectively reducing the cost of system integration and allowing for data…

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