How does OPC UA work with Maple Systems products?

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How does OPC UA work with Maple Systems products?

OPC UA is a communication protocol supported by many SCADA, MES, and ERP software providers. OPC UA uses a Client/Server architecture.

This protocol has built-in security with signed and encrypted data transfer using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms. Data is organized into objects, making it easy to access and quickly understand what the data represents, and how to use it.

In the following example of an OPC Unified Architecture, we are running Indusoft Web Studio® as our SCADA software on a Maple System Industrial Panel PC. The Panel PC is the OPC UA client and is used to access data in the OPC UA Server, running on a supported cMT device, to receive data updates from any of the PLCs connected to the cMT HMI. No additional Web Studio® drivers required.

In this environment, the cMT series with a built-in OPC UA server plays a key role as a communication gateway allowing OPC UA clients to access HMI or PLC data by subscribing to tags to receive real-time updates.

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