The first step to enabling V2 expansion module support with the newest release of MAPware-7000 is to download the new software.

Before upgrading the expansion modules, make sure your HMC firmware is up to date.

If the HMC requires upgrading, open the newest version of MAPware-7000 and create a new project. When downloading the project to the HMC, select the “Firmware” option to download the newest firmware.

In order for V2 modules to be supported with the current software, the bootblock and firmware of the module must be updated to v5.00 (or later) and v36.00 (or later) respectfully. Determine if you need to update your module with the table below:

How to check the bootblock and firmware version of expansion modules
  1. Open a project in MAPware-7000
  2. Connect your HMC to your PC via USB cable (with the expansion I/O module attached)
  3. Click on “Device Information”, under the “View” tab in the toolbar

4. Click “View” in the Device Information window

5. The I/O module bootblock and firmware versions can now be seen

* Do not upgrade through this menu if the bootblock version of the expansion I/O module is below v5.00.

If the module requires upgrading, follow the steps in the technote below and download the utility:

*After upgrading an expansion module, it will not be possible to downgrade the expansion module firmware and use it with previous versions of the software.

To upgrade your project, the process involves opening your application in the newest software and simply reallocating the modules to the correct slots. The technote below can help you through this process.

*If you are starting a new project using the newest MAPware build, this step is not required.

When downloading an application for the first time, select the “Initialize keep memory area with initial value after download” in the download window under the Device Settings section.

If you need further support call our support team at 425-745-3229 or email us at with any issues you have.

We are open 6:00AM-4:30PM PST Monday-Friday.

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