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Upgrading Linear V2 Module Firmware using an Upgrade Utility








To upgrade the firmware of a Linear V2 module, the module must be attached to a HMC2000 or HMC4000 series HMC and upgraded using a software utility that we have provided. This process involves downloading a new bootblock version of the module and then upgrading the firmware with the utility.

The purpose of upgrading the V2 module is to:

  • Ensure compatibility with the latest software (04/02/2024 and later)
  • Enable PWM/HSC support
  • Standardize the expansion module selection (one selection for either V1 or V2 modules)

For instructions on how to upgrade projects from build 08-26-2023 or earlier to our newest software, see Technical Note 7025.

Note: Once your module is upgraded to the newest firmware, the module will no longer work with the previous software builds (08-26-2023 and earlier) and cannot be downgraded to the previous firmware.



Two expansion upgrade utilities have been created to make upgrading the linear V2 modules possible with either the HMC4000 or HMC2000 series.

Note: Make sure your HMC firmware is up to date before upgrading modules. HMC2 models must have a firmware version of 2.75 (or above) and HMC4 models must have a firmware version of 6.53 (or later)


After downloading the two utilities open the corresponding folder to your HMC model and run the “ExpUpgradeUtility” application.

Note: If you haven’t already, attach your linear V2 module to the first slot of your HMC and connect your device via USB to your computer (Bootblock and Firmware is only upgradable on slot 01).


Select the product (HMC) you are connecting to, then click “Convert”.


A device information window will be shown with the name, bootblock version, and firmware version of the expansion module. Click “Start” to begin upgrading.


Once conversion has completed, a pop-up window will instruct you to power OFF your device twice, make sure to wait at least 4 seconds before powering the device ON each time. You may click “OK” now.


Open the utility again, select your HMC and now click “Upgrade”

After clicking “Upgrade” another information window will be shown with the updated bootblock and erased firmware version of the expansion module.

Notice the model’s name has changed to a “Model-or-V2” naming convention, the bootblock version has upgraded to 5.00, and firmware has been reset.


Click “Start” to begin upgrading the firmware.


Once the download is finished, power-cycle the HMC. The upgrade process should now be complete.

To check if upgrading was completed properly, you may click “Upgrade” again in the Utility. If successful, a message will appear saying the Bootblock and Firmware have been upgraded. Click “OK” to proceed.

If successful you should notice the Linear V2 module has upgraded to the correct 5.00 Bootblock version and 38.00 firmware version.

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