Icon depicting cost-effectiveness with a price tag, underscoring the affordability of Maple Systems PLC as a reason for companies to switch.

No hidden costs, free software, free US-based tech support, no service agreements, and a 2-year warranty.

The low start-up cost of Maple Systems PLC stands as a significant advantage for businesses looking to streamline their operations without breaking the bank. This affordability is further enhanced by the absence of hidden costs and the inclusion of free plc programming software, which eliminates the need for additional investments in software licenses.

Moreover, Maple Systems offers 24/7 free online technical resources, videos, and tutorials, and live technical support 6:00am-4:00pm Pacific Time, ensuring that any issues can be resolved promptly without incurring extra expenses. Also, the lack of service agreements means businesses are not tied down by long-term financial commitments. This allows for more flexibility in operations.

Additionally, the 2-year warranty provides you with peace of mind knowing that in most cases, any hardware issues will be addressed without additional costs. And in the unlikely event that you do need something repaired, we do all our repairs inhouse in Everett, WA.

These factors combined make Maple Systems PLCs a great choice for businesses aiming to modernize their automation systems efficiently and affordably.

Icon featuring an easy-to-use interface symbolized by a simple gear and check-mark, pointing out the user-friendly design of Maple Systems PLC's products.

Our Free PLC programming software provides robust features that include detailed monitoring, simulation, PLC diagnosis, data analysis, security, and so much more to aid you in all your control system needs.

Maple Systems PLCs use MapleLogic (Maple Systems PLC Programming Software), a powerful user-friendly software that helps to control your machines and systems.  Create projects hassle-free by utilizing the tools and features included in the programming environment of the software.

The software offers detailed monitoring capabilities, allowing you to keep a close eye on the system’s performance in real-time. Also, the simulation feature enables planning and testing of different scenarios without risking actual production, which is invaluable for optimizing processes. Moreover, PID auto-tuning capabilities ensure that systems operate at peak efficiency, while enhanced security features protect against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

The extensive capabilities and features of MapleLogic, coupled with its ease of use, ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can effectively manage and optimize their control systems. This blend of power and user-friendliness makes Maple Systems PLCs an ideal choice for businesses looking to leverage automation technology without the steep learning curve.

Icon illustrating scalability and customization with expandable squares and adjustment nodes, representing the flexible solutions from Maple Systems PLC.

Easily add inputs, outputs, and increased functionality with up to 11 additional I/O modules on our Modular PLC series. Grow your project as you need.

The scalable and customizable nature of Maple Systems Modular PLCs makes it a standout choice for businesses with evolving needs. With the capability to easily add up to 11 additional I/O modules, this modular PLC series offers unparalleled flexibility.

This means that as your project grows or your operational requirements change, your control system can grow and adapt with you, without the need for a complete system overhaul. As a result, such adaptability ensures that your investment in Maple Systems PLCs remains relevant and valuable, regardless of how your business needs evolve.

Whether you’re looking to increase inputs, outputs, or introduce new functionalities, the modular design supports your objectives, making it an ideal solution for dynamic and growing operations. This level of scalability and customization fosters innovation and efficiency. As a result, it ensures that your control system can always meet the demands of your projects.

Icon suggesting straightforward integration, with puzzle pieces fitting together, to denote the hassle-free system compatibility of Maple Systems PLC.

Because our PLCs communicate via Modbus, connecting to your existing devices is easy.

Maple Systems PLCs simplify the connection process, offering businesses a straightforward way to enhance automation systems without complex installations. Its compatibility with Modbus, a widely used communication protocol in industrial environments, ensures easy connection to existing devices.

This universal compatibility means you can easily integrate Maple Systems PLCs into your current setup, facilitating a seamless transition or expansion of your control system. It eliminates the need for extensive reconfiguration or the purchase of additional, proprietary equipment to ensure communication compatibility.

By reducing technical barriers, you can enhance your automation with minimal disruption, making Maple Systems PLCs an attractive option for streamlining your operations efficiently.

Icon of a headset with signal waves, indicating free customer support, a compelling reason to switch to Maple Systems PLC for their excellent service.

We offer free resources to help you get started with our powerful PLC software, MapleLogic.

Check out our MapleLogic tutorials, which have easy to follow videos and sample projects designed to get you up and running quickly. Topics include: how to use the PLC simulator, how to program a high speed counter, what is a PID controller and so much more.

Maple Systems demonstrates commitment to user satisfaction and simplicity by providing free resources to get you started with our PLC programming software. We aim to streamline learning, minimizing time and cost. This strategy enables businesses to effectively use their control systems for peak performance.

With these resources, you can confidently tackle the setup, configuration, and deployment of your Maple Systems PLC, ensuring a smoother transition to automated processes.

Icon representing easy connectivity, showing interconnected nodes, symbolizing one of the reasons to switch to Maple Systems PLC for their seamless integration capabilities.

We’ve already done the work – let us show you how. Follow the step-by-step instructions to get you going in just 10 minutes.

Connecting a Maple Systems PLC to a Maple Systems HMI is straightforward, thanks to Maple Systems’ user-friendly setup process. Detailed, step-by-step guidance ensures you can establish this connection in under 10 minutes. This means you can start your operations fast.

Whether you need to monitor processes, manage operations, or collect data, the smooth integration between Maple Systems PLC and HMI devices provides a strong, dependable automation system suited to today’s industrial needs.

Icon showcasing a high-end feature set, with advanced gear symbols, highlighting the sophisticated functionality offered by Maple Systems PLC.

Our free PLC programming software, MapleLogic, features PID Auto-tuning, Built-in Diagnostic Tools, Online Monitoring, Offline Simulator, Input Filtering, High Speed Counters, Interrupt Routines, Security, and more.

MapleLogic adds advanced features offering businesses a great automation choice without the high costs usually linked to these functions. Furthermore, these comprehensive features, usually found in more expensive systems, underscore Maple Systems’ commitment to delivering value.

By integrating advanced functionalities directly into our PLC software, we aim to provide access to high-quality automation tools. This ensures that even smaller operations can compete effectively, innovate, and grow.

Icon with a check-mark signifying tested and certified systems, emphasizing the reliability and quality assurance of Maple Systems PLCs.

Quality built. cULus, CE, and RoHS Certified; Shock/Vibration tested; ESD Immunity and Surge Immunity Certified.

Maple Systems PLC hardware stands out for being high-quality and reliable because it has passed many tests and earned certifications. It holds cULus, CE, and RoHS certifications. Consequently, this shows that Maple Systems PLCs meet top safety and environmental standards in North America and Europe.

This commitment to quality and durability instills confidence in the longevity and reliability of Maple Systems PLCs. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of downtime due to hardware failure. Choosing these control systems gives you advanced features and the durability necessary for continuous use.

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