Do you have CAD drawings?

Yes. If available, CAD downloads are available on the individual product page.

What is MAPware-7000?

MAPware-7000 is the configuration software used to program HMI+PLCs and PLCs. Use just one software application to program both the screens that appear in the display as well as the logic that controls your system. Create a functional user-interface for your control system using built-in tools. In addition, the built-in or expandable I/O can be…

Define Class I, Division 2

A Class I, Division 2 location is defined as one: In which volatile flammable gases, flammable liquid-produced vapors, or combustible liquid-produced vapors are handled, processed, or used, but in which the liquids, vapors, or gases will normally be confined within closed containers or closed systems from which they can escape only in case of accidental…

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