MapleLogic Software Overview

MapleLogic Software Overview

 Skills you’ll gain: The basics, features, and programming environment of our MapleLogic PLC programming software.

Software Required

Hardware Required

New Project

 Go to File , Click New Project

Choosing Your PLC

 Choose a Maple Modular or Maple Micro PLC Choosing a Maple Modular PLC

Naming Your Project

Select the Project Path and Name Your Project

Maple Logic Interface


1. Menu Bar

When you click the Menu Bar, the dropdown menu will be displayed and enable you to use various functions.

2. Toolbar

Menu Icon buttons are displayed on the Toolbar.

3. Project Window

The project window displays a current project and its related program, parameter and card properties.

4. Function Block

Create your own User Library Function Blocks or use System Library Function Blocks.

5. Message Window

The Message Window displays results of compilation, download and search in a list.

6. Variable Editor

The Variable Editor Window displays variables for each device area and is used to add, delete, edit and describe variables.

7. Work Window

The Work Window displays several types of edit windows such as Edit Variable, Edit Ladder Diagram and Edit Parameter.Each Edit Window is used to edit a program, parameter and configuration.

New Program

    New Program

In the project window, right click on “Program” and select “New Program”.

Select a Program, Special Configuration or Communication Configuration. Choosing a program

To get a more detailed description on this please visit the Maple Logic Programs, Special Configuration and Communication Tutorial Page.


Communication Setup

Comm. Setup

Go to Online > Connect Option and choose either USB, Ethernet or Serial Connection

To get a more detailed description on this please visit the Allocating your I/O Expansion Module and Online Communication Tutorial Page.    

Resources & Documentation

Maple PLC/MapleLogic Resources

Sample Projects

See our Support Center for a complete list of Quick Start and Installation Guides

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