PLC Programs, Special Configuration and Communications

PLC Programs, Special Configuration and Communications

Skills you’ll gain: Learn the various types of programs, special configurations, and communication configurations to set-up your program.

Software Required

Hardware Required

Ladder Diagram Programs

Scan Program

  • Typical Program
  • Depending how long the program is, this is routinely being ran every so often.
  • A scan does not get told to start or stop unless the PLC is in off mode or powered off.
  • When the PLC turns on, it starts to scan


  • This is a manual scan
  • Does not routinely run on its own, it’s what you call upon.

Cold Start Initialization

  • Buffers values into data registers before the first scanned program begin.

Hot Start Initialization

  • Only use if you are experienced.
  • Used for expected time frame and only used during this time.
  • If you go over the expected time frame, you will lose all your data.

Periodic Interrupts

  • A manual scan
  • Told by a timeframe to turn on and off
  • Example: 10 milliseconds to 60 seconds or sometime after 45 minute it will run after that time.

Special Configuration

Special Card Initialization

  • Saves the setting values of a special card as a scanned program.
  • Provides stored information automatically when there is a special card replacement that requires a reset without any additional operations connecting to the MapleLogic software.
  • You DO NOT need the physical I/O card. You can still configure the special card settings.

To get a more detailed description on I/O Allocation please visit the “I/O Allocation and Online Communication” Tutorial Page.

PID Control

  • 32 Loops
  • Auto-tuning
  • Trend View
  • Converts parameters to ladder diagram

Positioning (or Pulse Output)

  • 1:1 ratio
  • Up time is the same as the down time.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

  • Need a PWM expansion module SD0032PPWM front
  • Up and down time is not the same
  • Example 3:1 or 2:3 ratio
  • Changing the width of the pulse PWM graph

I/O Input Filter

  • Configures the I/O for the Maple Modular PLC’s
  • Up to 11 available I/O Modules ca be configured

Communication Configuration

Serial Protocol (User Protocol)

  • Serial Communication (RS-232 and RS-485)
  • Example: Can be used with barcode scanners

Modbus Communication

  • The Maple Modular and Maple Micro PLC’s can communicate with ANY device that has Modbus RTU and TCP/IP capabilities.

Ethernet Protocol

  • A TCP/IP User Protocol

SFC Program

  • Sequential Function Chart
  • Allows for parallel processing

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