Get your control system up and running in no time with our easy-to-implement PLCs. These controllers provide high-level performance and reliability for industrial automation applications and use our free PLC programming software which utilizes easy-to-use Ladder Logic, Function Blocks, Instruction Lists, or other functions to fit your application. With advanced built-in features such as PID control, high speed counter (HSC), input filtering, and periodic interrupts, these PLCs will work for almost any project.

Group of PLCs by Maple Systems
Group of Micro PLCs by Maple Systems

Maple Systems Micro PLCs are compact logic controllers for small-scale applications that require less than 36 Inputs and Outputs and are extremely cost effective. Compact and cost-effective “smart relay” programmable logic controller for small applications that require powerful performance and uncompromising reliability.

Group of Modular PLCs by Maple Systems

Our Modular PLC line was created for a wide range of applications capable of adapting to your specific needs. With 15 I/O modules to choose from, configure a combination of I/O modules to fit your application, making these scalable PLCs and I/O ideal for your complex solutions. Expandable up to 384 Digital/Analog Inputs/Outputs.

MapleLogic is our free configuration software used to program our PLCs. Create projects hassle-free by utilizing the tools and features included in our user-friendly software. Streamline the creation of specialized programs by using our Special Configuration programs. These programs reduce the hassle of creating your own PID Control, High-Speed Counter (HSC), Positioning, IO Filtering, and Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) programs and allow you to spend your time more efficiently.

MapleLogic Key Features:

CPU Icon

Built in Simulator to Demo Project Live

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Cross Reference Tag Tool/Find & Replace

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Built in Trend Display for Live Data Monitoring

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Auto-Detection for Modulars and Expansions

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PID with Auto-Tuning

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Custom Function Blocks

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On-Line Editing

Our PLCs can function seamlessly as both native slave and master devices through Modbus RTU and TCP/IP protocols. This flexibility simplifies the setup process, automatically assigning Modbus addresses to device addresses, reducing configuration errors and time.

To establish communication, connect your device, configure the channel to reference our PLC, and specify the Modbus address. You can verify communication status, or PLC connection, using the diagnostic LEDs located on the front panel of our PLCs.

Easily integrate Maple Systems PLCs with the rest of our automation products such as our HMI/cMT products via ethernet or serial cables, using common communication protocols such as MODBUS TCP/IP or MODBUS RTU. Our PLCs easily integrate with most other industrial automation brands and SCADA system equipment if needed via common industry communication protocols.

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