Our Industrial Panel PCs come with a Windows, Windows or Ubuntu® Linux® operating systems and feature touch screen capabilities. They are industrial-grade computers capable of running any Windows® software, including SCADA applications like AVEVA™ Edge. Beyond software compatibility, these Panel PCs allow for flexible configuration through programming in Visual Basic, C++, and Python.

Group of Industrial PCs by Maple Systems

Maple Systems Industrial Panel PCs are ideal for a wide range of industries, including Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Education, Gaming/Entertainment, Home Automation, Retail, and Transportation. These PCs deliver reliable performance for various industrial applications.

Maple Systems offers Industrial Panel PCs fully configured with your choice of processor, memory, storage, and operating system. Engineered for demanding industrial environments, these touchscreen computers come with industry certifications, ensuring performance in your application.

  • Fully Customizable
  • Panel or VESA
  • Stainless Steel Panel PCs
  • Wi-Fi options available
  • Extended Temperature & Class I, Div 2 Options
  • Capacitive or Resistive Touchscreens
  • High Brightness/Sunlight Readable PCs

Additionally, we provide a range of specialized options to address the unique challenges of different industrial environments, including the Stainless Steel Industrial Panel PC for durability, the High Brightness Industrial Panel PC for clear visibility, and the Extended Temperature Industrial PC for reliable operation in extreme conditions.

Maple Systems Stainless Steel Industrial Panel PCs offer professional-grade features, including strong durability for harsh conditions, a hygienic design for easy cleaning, protection against dust and water, stable thermal performance, and silent operation through fanless cooling.

Group of Stainless Steel Industrial Panel PCs by Maple Systems

Designed to resist harsh weather and environmental conditions, our stainless steel industrial computers are ideal for sectors like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and various industrial applications, as well as outdoor setups. Their ability to resist corrosion, endure high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning, and the fact that they require minimal maintenance, makes them a perfect choice for demanding settings.

Our rugged industrial PCs feature a SUS304 Stainless Steel front panel and an IP66/IP69K compliant front bezel. This design makes them the ideal choice for environments that demand frequent high-pressure and high-temperature cleanings. To highlight our commitment to durability and performance, explore the key features that define our industrial stainless computers.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Green Material 100% Recycle
  • Anti-Oxidation
  • Easy to Clean
  • Waterproof
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Front Bezel
  • Rugged Enclosure Long Life Cycle
  • Wide Range Temperature Resistant
  • SUS304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Capacitive Touchscreen

Additionally, Maple Systems stainless steel PCs meet the international food safety grade requirement, EN 1672-2 certification for optional, and DIN 42115 Part 2 for the durability of chemical substances and the sealing material meet FDA 21CFR 177.2600.

Maple Systems High Brightness Industrial Panel PCs are designed for various applications, ensuring exceptional performance in both outdoor and indoor environments. Designed for bright environments, these sunlight readable Industrial Panel PCs achieve clear picture quality under direct sunlight or other high lighting conditions.

Group of High Brightness Industrial Panel PCs by Maple Systems

In bright environments, it can be nearly impossible to see what is displayed on a standard 200-350 nit backlit screen. Our Sunlight Readable Panel PCs feature a 1000 nit touchscreen and is designed for all your light-intensive environments such as outdoor kiosks, marine applications, in-field research stations, outdoor vending machines, construction sites, agricultural machinery, and transportation hubs, where direct sunlight is a constant factor.

  • Easy Installation
  • Dust, Oil, and Non-corrosive Material Protection
  • Enclosed Equipment Contact Protection
  • 1000 nit Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Suitable for Light-intensive Environments
  • Customizable, Sunlight Readable Displays
  • Choice of Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Enclosures
  • Extended Temperature Range Compatibility
  • Optical Bonding Options
  • Class 1, Div 2 Safety Rating Available
  • Windows® Operating System Compatibility
  • Water Projection Protection
  • Supports Allen-Bradley’s FactoryTalk® View, Ignition™, AVEVA™ Edge, Wonderware®
  • Flexible Configuration with Visual Basic, Python, C++

Moreover, our High Brightness Displays feature a unique rubber O-ring on the front bezel’s rear, achieving an IP65 rating to block dust and water. Their design supports easy installation in various settings, including cabinets and racks.

Maple Systems provides Wide Temperature Range Panel PCs designed to handle harsh environments with hot or cold temperatures. Its industrial grade components allow these industrial PCs to function in temperatures ranging between -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) ensuring that these extended temperature computers work in various climates.

Group of Extended Temperature Industrial PCs by Maple Systems

These rugged computing systems are particularly valuable across a broad range of sectors, including energy production, aviation, outdoor advertising, and refrigerated warehousing. They’re designed to perform reliably in settings where temperatures can vary greatly, ensuring smooth operation in various industrial environments.

Our extended temperature Industrial Panel PCs are ideal for diverse commercial and industrial applications. To discover how Maple Systems benefits companies in most challenging environments, explore the key features of our extreme operating temperature computers.

Options include:

  • 1000 nit Brightness for Sunlight Readability
  • -20°C to 60°C Operating Temperature
  • Industrial-Grade Components
  • Class 1, Div 2 Compliance
  • Solid State Platform
  • Fanless Cooling System
  • Windows® OS Compatibility
  • Compatible with Visual Basic, Python, and C++
  • Supports SCADA applications like FactoryTalk® View, Ignition™, AVEVA™ Edge, Wonderware®

All of our wide operating temperature range computers are built for the toughest conditions, ensuring efficiency and safety. They deliver a clear and viewable display under bright lighting conditions providing reliable solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

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