AVEVA™ Edge helps to improve industrial process creation with its user-friendly interface, including intuitive commands and toolbars, all within a familiar Microsoft Windows® environment. Offering both Windows and Linux run-times, it places the power of creating industrial applications directly into your hands.

Group of Panel PCs with support for Aveva

AVEVA™ Edge is a global leader in industrial software, offering solutions for monitoring and control, asset performance management, intelligent performance, and other segments. The product brand name transition from InduSoft Web Studio to AVEVA™ Edge marks the adoption of the AVEVA brand but also introduces our customers to the broader AVEVA ecosystem and its benefits.

Even though AVEVA™ Edge can still be used as a stand-alone solution (HMI, SCADA, IIoT gateway), the integration with the AVEVA portfolio enables our customers to access a much broader and sophisticated set of solutions for their needs. The brand alignment is just one factor that helps our customers realize the benefits of using AVEVA™ Edge as an integral part of the AVEVA portfolio.

AVEVA™ Edge development software supports Windows OS. It is used to create the project that resides on the operator interface and operates the target industrial system. In addition to the Industrial PC and the user-created application project, each target system requires one AVEVA™ Edge runtime license to operate the project.

AVEVA™ Edge IoT View is the Linux® runtime for the popular AVEVA™ Edge SCADA software package. IoT View allows to connect to AVEVA™ Edge project via HTML5 in any web browser. Our Industrial PCs are the perfect platform to run this application by giving managers and operators access to the data they need when they need it.

Our Industrial PCs are ideal for complex automation tasks in industrial manufacturing, processing, and fabrication environments.

When you combine a Maple Systems Industrial Panel PC or Box PC with award-winning AVEVA™ Edge software you will have one of the most powerful industrial control, monitoring, and SCADA tools available. With several series to choose from, we have the size and functionality you need to create secure, flexible and highly scalable HMI and SCADA applications for your industry.

Group of Industrial PCs by Maple Systems
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