At Maple Systems, we recognize the unique challenges and demands of diverse industrial projects around the globe. Our HMI and PLC Combo Units (HMC) are designed to address these needs by offering a cost-effective, space-saving industrial solution with a variety of touchscreen sizes, serial and Ethernet connectivity, and a wide range of I/O configurations.

Group of HMI and PLC combo units by Maple Systems

The flexibility of our HMI+PLC units makes them ideal for a wide array of applications across various industries. From simple pump control and remote monitoring of wells and booster stations to managing small process skids in oil and gas, as well as controlling small compressors, chillers, and refrigeration equipment. They are equally effective in automating small OEM machines and packaging equipment, demonstrating the broad utility and adaptability of our integrated solutions.

Maple Systems HMI PLC combo units provide a reliable system to help your application run smoothly and efficiently. To highlight our commitment to advanced automation solutions, explore the distinctive features that make our HMI+PLC combinations ideal for industrial use.

  • Class I, Division 2 rated
  • Numerous I/O Configurations
  • Serial & Ethernet Ports
  • MAPware-7000 Software
  • IEC Programming
  • Timers & High-Speed Counters
  • Pulse with Modulation
  • Thermocouple
  • Graphic Libraries
  • ASCII text
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Offline Simulation Testing
  • Data Monitor Feature

Additionally, Maple Systems HMI PLC combination units utilize IEC programming. They are programmed using our free MAPware-7000 software, which allows to have web server functionality, data logging, recipes, graphs, alarms, trending, objects with multiple tasks, and more.

Maple Systems’ HMI + PLC units offer space efficiency and simplified installation, cutting costs and enhancing setup speed. With multiple lines and I/O modules to choose from, finding a solution that fits your needs is easy, making these units widely preferred in numerous industries.

Our HMI+PLCs units come ready with Ethernet, set up as a Modbus TCP Server, but can also be configured as a Modbus Client for both serial and Ethernet networks. This means better connectivity and control for your projects, without extra hassle.

Featuring five logic editors within a development environment aligned with the IEC 61131-3 standard, our HMI + PLC configuration software enhances productivity by enabling the creation and reuse of User-Defined Function Blocks (UDFBs). These blocks can be utilized across multiple projects, offering both efficiency and flexibility.

CPU Icon

Structured Text (ST) Editor

CPU Icon

Sequential Function Chart (SFC) Editor

CPU Icon

Function Block Diagram (FBD) Editor

CPU Icon

Ladder Diagram (LD) Editor

MAPware-7000 makes project development easier by integrating design and programming into a single, user-friendly platform. It offers essential tools such as web access, data tracking, custom alarms, and interactive charts, using an intuitive programming language. Explore some of the key features that show how MAPware-7000 takes your automation projects to the next level:

  • Real Time XY Plots
  • Web Screens
  • Data Logging
  • Recipes
  • Real-Time Alarms
  • Security/Access Levels
  • Bar Graphs
  • Meters
  • Offline Simulation
  • Online Monitoring Tools
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