MapleLogic Software Features Overview

Our intuitive interface makes programming a breeze

Efficiently create your project with the help of our pre-made programs

Test and troubleshoot programs without the need to use a physical PLC

Monitoring tools allow you to easily analyze your system

Comprehensive error detection and troubleshooting tools

Enhanced security features ensure your project is protected

Programming Workspace

Project Window

Manage your project efficiently with our detailed project panel and adjust your project to your work style

Convenient Instruction Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts or click on the instruction icons to start programming

Variable Editor

Edit and display all variables being used in a project

Function Block Window

Create your own function blocks and save them for use in other projects or use some of our preprogrammed functions.

Message Window

Process results display any errors or faults within your project allowing you to quickly detect and resolve issues

Creating Programs

Conveniently create PLC programs using our easy-to-use interface. Create programs that continuously run in a loop using our “Scan” program, create a subroutine that is called within your scan program, or create a program that runs at a given interval using our “Periodic Interrupts” program. We also offer cold start and hot start initializations for those projects that require that extra fine-tuning.

Streamline the creation of specialized programs by using our Special Configuration programs. These programs reduce the hassle of creating your own PID Control, High-Speed Counter (HSC), Positioning, IO Filtering, and Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) programs and allow you to spend your time more efficiently.


MapleLogic provides a comprehensive simulation mode allowing you to create and test fully functional projects prior to downloading to your PLC. Evaluate your project and identify errors that can influence the performance of your application. Furthermore, our simulator allows you to test critical conditions your PLC can experience without putting your equipment at risk.

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