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Select HMI models feature a wireless network connection (Wi-Fi) that allows users to connect to a local wireless access point or the Internet without using an Ethernet cable.  This Technical Note documents the functionality of the wireless connectivity, and explains how to setup and connect your HMI to a Wi-Fi network.


System Requirements

  • Maple Systems HMI5103L
  • EBPro configuration software
  • Supported Languages: English and Japanese

System Settings

When the HMI powers up to the project, tap the lower-right corner button to open the system menu:

Tap the Gear icon to open the System Settings menu.  Enter the System Settings password (Default password 111111) and select the Wireless tab. Choose to obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP) or specify a static IP address manually.

Note: In order to maintain connection integrity of both the Network (wired) and Wireless connections simultaneously, do not configure the connections to operate on the same subnet.

Configuring Wi-Fi

Tap the [Wi-Fi Setting] button on the Wireless tab to open the Wi-Fi Setting dialog.  Refer to the table below for details of the various portions of the Wi-Fi Setting window.

Wi-Fi RadioTurn Wi-Fi radio on or off.
StatusThe status includes: Stopped, Connecting, Retrying, or Connected.
AP ListA list of currently available access points.
RefreshRefresh the AP list.
SSIDSSID name of the wireless access point to connect with.
PasswordThe password can either be visible or invisible.
SecurityEncryption modes.
Connect/DisconnectConnect to or disconnect from Wi-Fi.
CloseClose this dialog box.

Enable Wi-Fi on HMI and Connect

  • Tap the ON button to turn on Wi-Fi
  • Choose a network SSID (name) from the AP list*
  • Enter the password* for the selected network, and choose to show or hide the password
  • Select a security (encryption) mode*
  • Tap the Connect button. 
  • If successful, the Status field will show “Connected”
Example of Active Wifi Connection

*NOTE: The Network SSID, Password, and  encryption mode is configured within the wireless access point, not the HMI.  The settings entered into the HMI must match the existing network settings for the HMI to successfully connect to the network.  Please consult with a Networking professional for instructions on modifying the parameters of the Wi-Fi network.

System Information

You can quickly view the Wi-Fi information by opening the System Information dialog by selecting the notepad icon of the system menu. The Wi-Fi tab shows the current Wi-Fi network addressing information, and the Wi-Fi Info tab shows additional information on the network and wireless signal.

Template, Signal Strength Monitor, and System Registers

The EBPro configuration software provides a Wi-Fi setting window as part of the template files for HMI5103L projects.  This window can be used by the operator to connect/disconnect to a wireless access point without accessing the entire System Setting menu.  When building the EBPro project, simply create a Function Key Object set to Display Popup Window, referencing Window 79 (Wi-Fi Setting).

The signal strength of the active wireless connection is shown by default in the top-right corner of the HMI at runtime.  There are four levels of signal strength, shown below with the approximate corresponding signal level image:

The following System Registers relate to the Wireless functionality of the HMI:

System RegisterDescriptionRead/Write
LW-11383 (16bit)Wi-Fi connection (1: Disconnect, 2: Connect, 3: Popup Wi-Fi config) (Wi-Fi)Read/Write
LW-11384 (16bit)Error code (0: No error, 1: No such device, 2. Wi-Fi radio is off) (Wi-Fi)Read only
LW-11385 (16bit)Status (0: Stopped; 1: Connecting; 2:Retrying  3: Connected) (Wi-Fi)Read only
LW-11386 (16 words)Connected SSID (Wi-Fi)Read only
LW-11402 (16bit)Signal level (0: None, 1: Weak, 2: Fair, 3: Good, 4: Excellent) (Wi-Fi)Read only
LW-11403 (16bit)country code* (Wi-Fi)Read/Write
LW-11404 (16bit)Wi-Fi radio (0: Off, 1: On) (Wi-Fi)Read/Write
*NOTE: LW-11403 Country Code: ASCII, Uppercase, effective immediately. Country code affects available wireless channels the HMI can connect to.
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