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Using Web Studio with the Ivory Series








This application note describes how to configure the Ivory Series to use with the Web Studio software.

The HMI600’s internal non-volatile storage is limited to approximately 3.5 megabytes.  It is recommended that a project be stored in an external memory device, such as a Compact Flash module.  The HMI608 and HMI612 each have a connector for an external EIDE storage device; however, the access time of a Compact Flash device is much less than that of an EIDE device.

This document assumes that the application and project are to be stored on the Compact Flash device.

Installing the Application

First, install WebStudio on the PC as described in the documentation.  In addition to setting up the development system on the PC, all of the files required for the HMI600 will also be installed on the PC.

Transferring Files to the HMI600

Files can be transferred to the HMI600 in several ways:

  • ActiveSync
  • Via the Compact Flash or EIDE modules
  • Using Web Studio

Maple Systems recommends allowing Web Studio to transfer files, because it will automatically configure certain settings, and can transfer only the newest files.  This document describes using Web Studio.  To use Web Studio or ActiveSync, an ethernet or serial connection must be made between the PC and the HMI600.

NOTE: Refer to the Ivory Series Operation manual for information on connecting the HMI600 to a PC, setting up ActiveSync, and changing the IP Address.

However, before Web Studio can transfer files, the HMI600 must be configured.

The first file that needs to be placed on the HMI600 is InduSoft’s CEServer.exe.  InduSoft supplies a number of these, each compiled for a specific for a specific microprocessor.  The microprocessor used in the HMI600 is based on an ARM chip.  The version of CEServer that is required by the HMI600 is located in the following folder (assuming Web Studio v6.1 was installed with the default settings):

\Program Files\Indusoft Web Studio v6.1\Redist\Wince 4.0\armv4I\Bin

Copy CEServer.exe from this folder to a folder (root or otherwise) on the Compact Flash card.

NOTE: The folder where CEServer.exe resides is the root folder where Web Studio will install the project and application files, and from which the Web Studio application will execute.

This can be done either with ActiveSync, or by using a Card Reader attached directly to the PC.  Once CEServer.exe has been placed on the HMI600, execute CEServer.exe on the HMI600.  The following dialog will be displayed (note the IP Address at the bottom of the dialog):

On the PC, start Web Studio and open a project.  From the Project menu, select Execution Environment.  The following dialog is displayed.

Select either an IP Address, a serial port, or to use ActiveSync.  If using an ethernet connection, make sure that the IP addresses and subnets of the PC and the HMI600 are consistent.  Click the Connect button, and the dialog will update with information about the connected device (the HMI600).

Click the Install system files button to install the required Web Studio application files.  To transfer the project files, click the Application tab.

Click the Send to target button to transfer the project.

Running the Application on the Ivory Series

Once the Web Studio application and project files have been installed on the Ivory Series, just go to the Remote Agent dialog on the HMI600.  Click the Start button, and the Web Studio application will start.

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