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Using the New Structure Editor








Prior to version 4.61, Easyware5000 provided a tool called AB Data Type Editor for managing User-Defined Types from Allen Bradley RSLogix-5000 software.  The data files for the AB Data Type Editor were located in the AB Data Type folder.  Starting with EZware5000 v4.61, the AB Data Type Editor has been replaced with the new Structure Editor, and the Data Type folder.  EZwarePlus also includes the Structure Editor.  The Structure Editor is used for managing Allen Bradley tags and tags from other communication protocols. 

This document explains how to export tag data from the AB Data Type Editor and import that data into the Structure Editor for EZware5000 or EZwarePlus.  The AB Data Type Editor Export function was first available  in EZware5000 v4.50.


When the Easyware5000 v4.61 (or newer)  upgrade is installed, the AB Data Type files will be removed from the main folder and preserved in the folder \obsolete\AB Data Type.  User-defined Type data from the obsolete AB Data Type Editor can be loaded into the new Structure Editor:


Start the AB Data Type Editor in the <EZware5000 Folder>\obsolete folder.

NOTE: If exporting tag information from a version of EZware5000 prior to v4.61, the AB Data Type Editor will be in the main EZware5000 folder, not the obsolete folder.


Select User-Defined under Data Types, then click the Export button:


A standard Windows file dialog will be displayed, then enter a name to save the tag file under.  The file will be given a TDF extension.


Start the Structure Editor in the <EZware5000> or the <EZwarePlus> folder, and click the Import button.


Select the file created above in Step 3.


Choose Overwrite to replace the existing data with the new data, or Append to add the imported data to the existing data.

The tag file contains all of the User Defined Data in the AB Data Type Editor data files, not just the SystemMode tag information.  If Overwrite is selected, existing data may be deleted.  In this example, Append is selected.


The SystemMode tag information has been loaded into the Structure Editor.  Click the Save button to save the new data.

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