Applicable Model(s)

HMI5000P Series
HMI5000L/NL/XL Series
RMI5000 Series


Using the EZware Plus Combo Button








The Combo button allows multiple actions to be performed with a single object. EZwarePlus v4.10.04 or newer is required. Please check the Maple Systems website for EZwarePlus upgrades.


Select Button -> Combo Button from the Objects menu. The following window will be displayed:

The  Lamp section controls how the button will appear:

  • None: no change in appearance
  • Bit Lamp: change based on a bit value
  • Word Lamp: change based on a word value

The Actions section controls what the button will do:

Delay: wait (50-500 milliseconds, in 50- millisecond increments)

Set Bit: change the state of a bit (set On, Off, or Toggle)

Set Word: change the value of a register (Write Constant Value, Increment, or Decrement)

Change Window: display the selected window.

NOTE: If used, the Change Window action must be the last action. A maximum of four actions can be configured for the Combo Button. Only one Delay action can be configured in the Combo Button.

When an action is added from the Add button, the area to the right is populated with the appropriate configuration options for the action. When an existing Action is selected from the list, the area is populated with the settings for the selected Action.

Delay: Select the delay time in milliseconds.

Set Bit: Select whether to turn the bit on or off, or toggle it.

Set Word: Specify a constant value to write, or increment or decrement the register.

Change Window: Select the window to change to.

To the left of the Action list are some list management tools:

Moves the selected action up.
Disabled if the selected action is at the top of the list.

Moves the selected action down.
Disabled if the selected action is at the bottom of the list.

Copies the selected action into the clipboard.
Disabled when the maximum of four actions already exist in the list.

Pastes the copied action into the list, below the selected action.
Disabled when the maximum of four actions already exist in the list, or when the copied item is a Change Window or Delay action.

Removes the selected action from the list.
Disabled when no actions are in the list.

Sample Applications

Example 1 – Timed Bit

This Combo Button turns HMI local bit 400 on, waits 100 milliseconds, then turns the bit off. This example shows control of an HMI bit, but any supported PLC bit can be used.

Example 2 – Timed Window

This Combo Button turns HMI local bit 250 on, waits 400 milliseconds, then displays another window.

Example 3 – Timed Word

This Combo Button sets HMI local word 0 to 1, waits 200 milliseconds then sets local word 0 to 0. This is done as a 16-bit Unsigned value. Use the Settings button to select a different format.

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