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HMI5000 Series
cMT Series


Troubleshoot EasyAccess 2.0 Connection








You have an HMI or cMT that has EasyAccess 2.0 activated and has been added to your domain, but it does not appear online.


If your HMI has already been added to a domain and user account, you can follow these steps in order until you can get your HMI to appear online.

If you are attempting to add a preactivated model to a new domain that was previously added to a different domain, you will need to remove it from the old domain before it can be added to the new domain. An HMI can only be assigned to one domain at a time.


First, verify that the HMI has a good connection to a network, that in turn is in some way connected to the internet.

Connecting the HMI to an isolated local network will not allow it to appear online in EasyAccess 2.0, as the purpose of the service is to allow secure remote access around a network firewall to an HMI from any terminal, inside or outside of the network.

Ensure that you can ping the HMI on the network that also has access to the internet.


Bring up Window #76 (the EasyAccess 2.0 Setting window) in your project using a Function Key and press the START button to initiate the connection to the EasyAccess 2.0 server. It may take up to one minute before it will appear “Online.”


Ensure that the Gateway IP address is correct. This is required to access the internet through the network router. For dual-Ethernet models, make sure that the LAN1 is connected to the internet. This port is used for the WAN. Also, make sure that LAN1 and LAN2 are not in the same subnet, as this will cause the HMI to ignore traffic on one port.


Ensure that the date and time on the HMI are set correctly, relative to other devices on the network. If the date and time are off, it could prevent the HMI from connecting to the EasyAccess 2.0 server.


To troubleshoot outbound connections from the HMI, enable NTP for time synchronization and check the ‘time sync failure’ bit, LB-12055: failed to execute time synchronization (when ON). This can help determine whether or not outbound connections are working from the HMI in the current configuration.

To enable FTP:


Go to Home >> System Parameters >> Time Sync./DST and enable time synchronization.


Set the HMI time zone (Pacific Standard Time = UTC -8:00; Eastern Standard Time = UTC -5:00). Use the default server response time and network time servers.


Set the Update interval to 10 Seconds.


Place a bit lamp addressed to LB-12055 on the startup screen and download the project to your HMI. If the bit lamp comes on within 10 seconds after the project loads, this means outbound connections to the internet are failing. Contact your network administrator to resolve the issue.

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