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Target PLC IP Address Updated Using the HMI Screen








This document explains how to configure Maple Systems HMIs to allow the IP address of the PLC to be changed from the touch screen.  By updating local memory registers on the HMI, you can change the PLC IP address, switching the HMI program to communicate with a different PLC over an Ethernet network.


The Update PLC IP Autoconnect project will be used to explain the process of updating the PLC IP address from the HMI touch screen. This project uses the OMRON CJ1/CS1 (Ethernet) driver; however, this process applies to all Ethernet drivers. This sample project is available in the Support Center at

The top eight blue boxes are configured to monitor PLC registers. When you change the PLC IP address to point to a new PLC, these register addresses will be redirected to the new PLC as well.

To access the PLC settings, navigate to the Home tab in EBPro, and select System Parameters from the ribbon menu. On the Device tab, select the Ethernet driver (for example: OMRON CJ1/CS1 (Ethernet)), and click Settings.

Click Settings on the Device Properties window to enter the IP address.

The numeric objects in the sample project are configured to read registers in the PLC. When the HMI has established communication with the PLC, these Numeric Display objects will display the PLC register’s value. (Device type: D0~7)

The following local HMI registers can be used to update the IP address for the HMI and the PLC.  After modifying the IP address, set LB10070 to apply the change.

LW9600~9604 (PLC IP address)
LW9129~9133 (HMI Local IP address)

The toggle switch objects are configured to monitor local HMI system bits.

LB10100 displays the status of the Ethernet connection. This bit is ON when communicating. If communication is lost, the bit turns OFF. Set LB10100 ON to retry the connection.

LB10070 is used to apply the IP address change and establish the Ethernet PLC connection.

When LB9153 is set ON, the HMI will automatically attempt to connect to the PLC.

These objects are used in the sample project as follows:

Numeric InputNE0~7To read PLC register
Numeric InputNE8~12System tag LW9600~9604(PLC IP)
Numeric InputNE12~16System tag LW9129~9133(HMI IP)
Toggle SwitchTS0System tag LB10100
 TS1System tag LB10070
 TS2System tag LB9153

The Update PLC IP Autoconnect project is available in the Support Center at in the Sample Projects section.

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