Applicable Model(s)

cMT3000X Series


PLC Web Browser








The PLC Web Browser object can be used to view webpages directly on the HMI. Javascript, CSS, HTML, and HTML5 pages supported. Contact a sales engineer for a current list of supported models.



Open a project in EBPro.


Navigate to the Object tab, then select Media from the ribbon menu. In the Media dropdown menu, select PLC Web Browser.


The PLC Web Browser properties window will be displayed. Configure your settings, then press the OK button to create a Web Browser object.

General Tab

Default URL: Enter a URL into the provided field to set the initial URL that will load when the EBPro project is started.

Show Navigation Bar: With this option selected, users can directly change URL, refresh page, or zoom in/out web page by clicking the icons in the navigation bar displayed on HMI.

Control Address: LW-n = Command ID

Destination Page URL Address: The designated register is for entering a URL with length limit 255 words. After entering the URL, please enter value 1 in the Command ID address to go to the destination page.

Current Page URL Address: Shows the URL of current page, the length limit is 255 words.

Notes on PLC Web Browser


This object only runs on local screens of:

cMT3072X and cMT3072XH (OS version 20200723 or later).

cMT3092X, cMT3152X, and cMT3162X (OS version 20201230 or later).


PLC Web Brower object is designed specifically for connection to PLC’s built-in web server, allowing users to access PLC web page to configure PLC and view PLC data. Using PLC Web Browser to connect to other types of websites may lead to unexpected results or errors.


Displaying relatively complex web pages using PLC Web Browser will occupy more memory and consume a large amount of CPU, which can slow down HMI’s operating speed. Users are advised to use change page function or a Direct/Indirect window to display PLC Web Browser object only when it is needed, to prevent reduction of system performance.


As HMI memory is limited, when the PLC Web Browser occupies too much memory, the system will automatically stop PLC Web Browser to ensure proper operation of HMI.


Due to rapid change in web technologies, it is not guaranteed that all PLC web servers are supported by PLC Web Browser in EBPro, and certain PLC web pages may not be correctly displayed using PLC Web Browser.


When multiple PLC Web Browser objects are placed in a single window, only one of them will run while the rest remain ineffective.


PLC Web Browser object displays web page on top of everything else even if there are other objects placed above it.


When the PLC Web Browser is clicked or tapped in cMT Viewer running on a PC, smart phone or tablet device, the default browser for the device will be used to open the web page. Note that, in this case, to access the PLC within the same network as HMI, the device running cMT Viewer should also be in the same network as the PLC.


Browsing web pages using PLC Web Browser on cMT-iV6 is not possible.


Features not supported by PLC Web Browser:

  • Save File As…
  • PDF Reader
  • Uploading/Downloading Files
  • Text Selection
  • Right-click Context Menu
  • Drag & Drop
  • Playing Videos, e.g. Youtube etc…
  • Windows prompt for entering account name and password (e.g. FTP login)
  • PLC Web Browser is not available if the CoDeSys SoftPLC feature has been activated on the HMI.
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