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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and their answers for the HMI500 Series.

I keep getting a timeout message when I try to send my project to the HMI500. Why?

EasyBuilder is unable to communicate with the HMI500. Try the following steps:
· Make sure that the HMI is powered up.
· Check the cables, make sure they are secure.
· Start EasyManager. Make sure it is set for the right COM port (1 or 2).
· Make sure the cable is connected to the correct port on the PC and the correct port on the HMI.
· Close all other applications. Also check the Tool Tray area. Some PLC programming software leaves
drivers open.

I get an Erase Image Fail message when I try to send my project to the HMI500. What does this mean?

The project is too large for the HMI. When the project is compiled, notice the Total Size. This must be no larger than the HMI’s Flash memory. Using a lot of bitmaps, or a few large ones, can push a project beyond the memory limit. When creating bitmaps to import into EasyBuilder’s libraries, try to use only the size and color depth needed. Also, check the Compress box on the Bitmap Library screen. However, compressing bitmaps can affect the speed with which bitmaps are displayed by the HMI.

When EasyBuilder starts, a Fatal Error is shown, telling me that a file cannot be found (STDFONT.16, SPC1615S.FNT, or H16X16.FNT). How do I fix this?

On the Option menu, make sure that Language is set to English.

Where can I get information on making a cable for connecting my HMI500 to my PLC?

Maple Systems has instructions for assembling cables on the Support Center section of our website.

Where can I get detailed information on how to use my HMI500 with my PLC?

Maple Systems has a library of Controller Information Sheets for all PLC’s that the HMI500’s support. They are in the Support Center section of our website.

What software do I need to configure my HMI500?

All HMI500 models are configured with the EZware-500 Configuration Software.

I’m trying to get my HMI500 to communicate with my PLC, but the HMI displays a message that says PLC No Response. What could be wrong?

There are a number of things that could cause this issue:


The cable is wired incorrectly, or has an open or a short.


The HMI has the wrong protocol loaded. In EZ-Manager select Complete Download/Upload, and download the project again.


The HMI is referencing a PLC address that is invalid or does not exist.


The system parameters do not match the PLC port parameters.

On the PLC tab of the System Parameters… form (under the Edit menu), check…

  • PLC Type: Make sure it is correct for the PLC being used.
  • Serial Port I/F: This determines which HMI port is activated.
  • Baudrate: This must match the PLC Port setting.
  • Data Bits: This must match the PLC Port setting.
  • Stop Bits: This must match the PLC Port setting.
  • Parity: This must match the PLC Port setting.
  • PLC Station: This must match the PLC Port setting.

I’m trying to get my HMI500 to communicate with my PLC, but the HMI displays a message that says PLC Response Error. What could be wrong?

This can be caused by:

  • Trying to read from or write to a PLC Address that does not exist. For example, an address configured
    in the HMI is outside the address range supported by the PLC.
  • Trying to write to an address that is Read-Only.
  • Trying to access a PLC Register with an invalid format, such as attempting to read a 16-bit register with a 32-bit object.

How can I print my Windows to include in manuals?

Start the Simulator, in Online or Offline mode. Right-click anywhere on the Simulator window, and select Print Screen. The current window will be printed.

How can I make a Bitmap of my windows?

Select ToolsOnline Simulation or ToolsOffline Simulation. Right-click anywhere on the Simulator
window, and select Print Screen to File. You may select a name to save the bitmap.

How can I have the PLC change the HMI’s Window?

Configure a PLC Control. Set the Attribute to Change Window. Set the Read Address to the PLC Address that will contain the number of the window to be displayed. When the PLC writes a value to that address, the HMI will change to the window with that number.

Can I use recipes with an HMI500?

Yes. All –002 and later models support recipes.

Do the HMI500 series have a built-in Real-Time clock?

Yes. All –002 and later models offer a built-in Real-Time clock. All models can obtain Real-Time Clock data from the PLC.

Does the HMI500 series have any Security features?

Yes. All HMI500 models have 3 levels of passwords for limiting access to Windows. Another password restricts uploading a project out of the HMI, and prevents bootrom updates.

Can I import my own bitmaps into an HMI500?

Yes. The supplied bitmap libraries can be expanded, and you may also create your own bitmap libraries.

Can I connect several HMI500s to one PLC?

Yes. Up to 255 HMI500’s may be connected to one PLC. One ‘master’ HMI500 is connected to the PLC, and a number of ‘slave’ HMI500’s are daisy-chained to the master. The master and slave units may be any mix of HMI models. There may be a significant increase in response delay as more HMI’s are connected.

Can I connect one HMI500 to several PLCs?

Yes. However, this is supported only for Modbus Slave devices.

Can I create an animated display on an HMI500?

Yes. Animation can be done by moving a shape along a pre-determined path, or by using X and Y coordinates relative to the shape’s original position.

Can I print a window from an HMI500?

Yes. All versions of the HMI530 and HMI550 have a DB25 connector for an Epson or PCL-compatible printer. Windows can be printed from a Function Key, or by a bit in the PLC.

NOTE: The HMI520C and HMI520M do not provide printer support.

I have a number of the same objects that I want to display on every window. Do I have to create and configure these objects on every window?

No. Create a Common Window (select WindowOpen Window. Select New window… and then select Common Window), and place the objects on it. Objects placed on the Common window are visible on every

My pop-up windows are not being displayed. I’ve double-checked my addresses and window numbers. What else should I check?

Select EditSystem Parameters… Select the General tab and set No. Of Windows to a higher value. This
setting determines the maximum number of windows that can be displayed simultaneously. The highest setting is 6.

My Numeric Input object is not accepting any data from my keypad. What is wrong?

Check that the Numeric Input object’s Input low: and Input high: values are correct (select PartsNumeric Input and then select the Numeric tab.) Also check to make sure that your Trigger address: (under the General tab) is high.

I don’t see my PLC listed as being supported by the HMI500. Will you write a driver for my PLC?

Maple Systems is continually adding new protocols to our products. Contact our Sales department for more information. Additionally, the HMI500 Series supports Modbus RTU (Master), and many devices have Modbus RTU Slave available as an option.

On the back of my HMI500, there is a bank of DIP switches. What are they for?

They are for servicing the HMI500, and are not used in normal operation.

I have an object on a window that I want to duplicate a number of times. Do I need to Copy and Paste it over and over?

Not if you are using EZware v1.20 or newer. Instead, select EditMulti. Copy… and select your desired

How can I copy a window from one EasyBuilder project to another?

If you are using EZware v1.20 or newer, select Edit—Window Copy… and select desired settings. Otherwise, in the project whose window is to be copied, open the window. Select Edit—Select All Objects. Then select Edit—Copy (or press CTRL+C). Open the project to receive the window data. Create the window, open it, then press CTRL+V to paste the data.

I uploaded a project from an HMI500, but I can’t open it in EasyBuilder. Why?

The uploader extracts the Compiled (eob) file from the HMI. EasyBuilder can open only a Project (epj) file.
Projects that were compiled with EasyBuilder500 v2.0 or newer can be Decompiled with EasyBuilder500 v2.0 or newer. Software upgrades are available to purchase. Contact Maple Systems’ Sales department for more information.

When I go to a page of my project I get a Severe System Error (Error 10002). Why?

This error is due to large bitmap compressions. Uncompress the bitmap images on that page and verify that the error goes away. If you would like to compress the bitmaps, make your bitmap image size smaller in another program and reload it into EasyBuilder.

What does the error EasyWindow MUST running from EasyManager or EasyBuilder mean?

You are running the Offline Simulator and an invalid Com Port has been selected in EasyManager.

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