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HMI5000 Series
cMT Series


HMI Media Storage Capacity








Maple Systems HMI and cMT series products have the capability for additional data storage via storage media plugged into a USB Host port or SD card socket.  Listed below are the various Media storage options available on Maple Systems HMI and cMT series products, as well as their maximum storage capacity and compatibility.


USB Flash Drive (a.k.a. Pen Drive, USB Stick, Thumb Drive, Jump Drive)
Maple Systems products support a maximum capacity of 32GB. USB drives must be formatted as FAT32.

SD (Secure Digital) Card (including SD card to USB adapter)
Maple Systems products support a maximum SD card capacity of 4GB (32GB capacity with SDHC card).  SD and SDHC Cards must be formatted as FAT32.  SDXC cards are not supported.

Maple Systems products support one USB hub, which can have a keyboard/mouse connected as well as a USB drive plugged into the hub (32GB max USB drive capacity).

USB External Hard Disk Drive (External HDD)
Maple Systems products support USB 2.0 external hard disk drives, so long as the HDD is powered with its own power supply.

NOTE: USB ports are not intended to be used as charging ports for mobile phones, tablets, or to power speakers. Ports are intended for data storage or keyboard/mouse connection only.  Using the ports in a manner inconsistent with their documented purpose can potentially damage the device and void any applicable warranty on the Maple Systems product.  Maple Systems is not liable for damages resulting from product misuse.

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