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A safer and faster web interface is embedded in our latest OS for cMT-SVR-1xx/2xx and cMTG01/G02. We will ship devices with this latest upgrade from June of 2021. (Or more specifically, S/N starting from 2106100688).

To enhance the security of the device, the upgrade introduces a compatibility issue with older EasyBuilder Pro installation before version 6.03.02 (including). Thus, upgrading EasyBuilder Pro is strongly advised.


To provide a safer and faster connection, the new web interface EasyWeb 2.0 is embedded in our latest OS for cMT-SVR-1xx/2xx and cMT-G01/G02. The web pages will also look different as shown below.

EasyWeb 1.0
EasyWeb 2.0

With EasyWeb 2.0, the data transmitted between client and server is encrypted via SSL/TLS to thwart any data interception while in transit. See Note 1 for additional details about HTTPS and HTTP.

Devices with the upgraded OS must be used with software that also supports an encrypted connection. Older versions of EasyBuilder Pro and cMT Viewer will be unable to connect to the device. For example, in EasyBuilder Pro, a project download cannot be completed and will display the message “error : please check HMI IP and port no.” as shown below:

And for incompatible cMT Viewer, trying to connect will give the message below:

When navigating to the web page of your upgraded device from an internet browser, simply typing the IP address of the device will default to a http connection, which will result in the following page being displayed:

In order to navigate to the webpage of the device, enter “https://” into the browser address bar followed by the IP address. For example, “”.

Note 1

To find out if the existing connection is encrypted, click on the browser address bar and check if it is “http://” or “https://”. Because we use an IP address to connect to the cMT device and the limitations of HTTPS, the best it can reach is the second level: medium security. Even though the browser might say “Not secure” at this level, this is due to lack of a digital certificate, not the encryption, which is a non-issue when we connect by IP address.

About EasyWeb 2.0

EasyWeb 2.0 is a complete rewrite and enhances the security level of the web interface. It also includes some of the latest tools and security mechanisms such as JWT authentication for a more secure and efficient user experience.

Some well-known technologies it uses are listed below:

Compatibility Issue

The minimum version requirements between (1) HMI/Gateway and EasyBuilder Pro and (2) HMI/Gateway and cMT Viewer/Diagnoser in order to use EasyWeb 2.0 are listed in the table below:

ModelsOS VersionEBPro RequirementcMT Viewer / Diagnoser
>= 20210518V6.04.01 or laterV2.12.15 or later


Upgrade to the latest version EasyBuilder Pro, cMT Viewer, or cMT Diagnoser.

The latest releases can be downloaded from the Maple Systems website:

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