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Download a Project to an HMC from a USB Flash Drive








This Technical Note describes how to download a MAPware-7000 project to an HMC from a USB flash drive. Example Below shows HMC7000 series but steps are identical for HMC3000 and 2000 Series.

NOTE: For HMC4000 series devices, follow instructions 1-3, then skip to the second section of this document for steps 4-6.


 To download a project from a USB flash drive:


Open the project in MAPware-7000 and make sure it compiles without errors.


Click on the “Tools” menu and select “Generate USB Stick Application.” A message pops up: “This operation may take time depending on project size. Do you want to Continue?” Select “Yes”. A message pops up confirming “USB Stick application file created successfully.”


Locate the project folder associated with your project and copy the HMC70xxM folder (where xx represents the size of the screen) located inside the project folder to a USB flash drive.
(For example, if your project is named “HMC7070AM STARTUP.mpl” there will be a folder called “HMC7070AM STARTUP” in the same folder as your project file. Inside the “HMC7070AM STARTUP” folder you will find the “HMC7070M” folder. All the necessary files for downloading the project to the HMC are contained in the “HMC7070M” folder.)

(If you are sending the project to a customer to download to an HMC, zip up the HMC70xxM folder and email it to the customer. Have the customer unzip it, copy the HMC70xxM folder to a USB flash drive and continue with the following instructions.)

If connecting to an HMC4000 model, please skip to the next section in this document.


Proceed to connect the USB flash drive to the HMC.

NOTE: There are two methods to initiate the download function from the HMC. One is to have a button pre-configured in the project to turn on system bit S00037 (USB host menu trigger). Turning ON this bit will cause the “Memory Stick Operation” window to pop up.

NOTE: The system bit S00037 is not available for the HMC4000 series.

The other method is to press and hold the upper-left corner of the screen while the HMC is powering up. (For the 4000 series, you must do this once the screen has loaded, not on power-up.  See the instructions starting on Page 3.) It will start in “Application Erase Mode.” Select “Confirm” and the current project will be erased from the HMC memory.

When the HMC reboots, it will detect that the application has been erased and that there is a USB flash drive connected.

With either method, continue with the following steps:


A menu pops up asking “Do you want to perform Memory Stick operation?” Select “Yes.”


The “Confirm Operation” window appears:
“Do you want to Download or Upload?
Download -> Memory stick to Unit
Upload -> Unit to Memory stick
Select “Download.”


The “Download Options” window appears. Select Firmware, Font, Application, and Logic.
(Other options include Ethernet Settings, Erase Logged Data, Erase Alarm, and Initialize Keep Memory Area.)


Select “Download.” The “Confirm Operation” window appears:
“Download operation will overwrite Data in unit. This may take several minutes.” Select “Ok.”


The selected files are downloaded and a message appears: “Download completed successfully.” Click “Ok”.


The “Download Options” window appears again. Click “EXIT.” The HMC will reboot into the project.

To download a project from a USB flash drive with the HMC4000 series, follow steps 1-3 from the first section, then proceed with these steps:


Connect the USB flash drive to the HMC.

NOTE: There will not be a pop-up menu.  Hold your finger down in the top left corner once the screen has loaded (not on power-up) for about 5 seconds. This will open the System Settings.


Click the Gear Icon on the left.


Click USB Update/Upload to open the Upload/Download options.

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