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HMI500 Series


Dipswitches on HMI Silver Series








The HMI Silver Series comes equipped with a set of switches located on the back of the unit. A total of four switches, accessible through an access hole on the back of the unit, can be set to two positions On/Off. Only Dip switch 1 and 2 have functionality. During normal operation, all Dip Switches should be set to the Off position. Dip switches 3 & 4 have no functionality (not used).

  • Dip Switch 1 puts the HMI into Touch Screen Calibration mode.  Use this function if the touch of an object seems to be out of alignment with the graphical representation displayed on the screen.
  • Dip Switch 2 forces the HMI into communications mode. Use this function when download attempts fail and they timeout. 
  • Dip Switch 2 is also used to download a project from the Compact Flash Card into the HMI. For more information on compact flash project downloading, refer to Technical Note 1085.


The HMI is fully calibrated before it leaves the factory, you should not need to adjust it. However, over time, the HMI may need to be recalibrated.

To Calibrate the HMI touch screen:


Find the Dip Switches on the back of the HMI.  Set Dip Switch 1 On. Then reset the unit or cycle power to HMI.  If the dip switches cannot be accessed,  do the following steps in software if the DIP switches.


Using the HMI configuration cable (Y-cable, Maple P/N 7431-0098), connect the PC to the HMI “PC[RS232]” port.


Open Easy Manager software: In Windows, select Start >> Programs >> Maple Systems >> EZware-500 >> EasyManager.


Click on Jump to Touch Adjust. The HMI should change to calibration mode.


After the HMI displays a crosshair cursor, you are prompted to touch the cursor for:


Top Left Position


Top Right Position


Bottom Left Position


Bottom Right Position


The HMI will display two rectangular objects. To determine if the HMI is properly calibrated, place and hold your finger somewhere on the touch screen except the rectangular objects. The crosshair cursor should appear directly under your finger.  Press the right rectangle to end calibration or right rectangle to repeat calibration.


Once complete, press the touch screen again to return to normal application mode. Set Dip Switch 1 back to the Off position and reset or cycle power on the unit.

To Force the HMI into communication mode:


Find the Dip Switches on the back of the HMI.  Set Dip Switch 2 up, in the “On” position.  If the DIP switches can not be accessed, then follow the steps below:


Using the HMI configuration cable (Y-cable, Maple P/N 7431-0098) connect the PC to the HMI.


Select Easy Builder OR select Easy Manager: 


In Windows, select Start-Programs-Maple Systems-EZware-500-EasyManager.


From ‘EasyManager’, click on Download and select the *.eob file for the project you wish to download.  From ‘EasyBuilder’, open the EasyBuilder software. Open the project you wish to download. From the Tools menu select Download.


When complete, set Dip Switch 2 back to Off position.

More Information

For more information regarding Dipswitches on the HMI Silver Series, please refer to Chapter 1, Installation of HMIs, in the HMI500 Series Installation and Operation Manual that is supplied on CD ROM with the EZware-500 configuration software.

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