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OIT3100/4100 Models


Creating Keypad Legends







What is a Keypad Legend?

The 3100/4100 Series MicroOITs offer the flexibility you demand for keypad layout and design. All models have a clear area over the keypad that allows you to insert a keypad legend — custom text and art.

Producing Keypad Legends

You can generate keypad legends in two ways:

  • Download Keypad Legend Generator from our website, The software automatically performs physical and dimensional layout when you choose a model type. Just fill in the blanks. The software saves key text, color, position, etc., as .KIF files and key images as .IMG files.

    You may print keypad legends to film by saving files to postscript format output to a print driver (Linotronic 330 or Scitext PS Bridge, for example). Contact your service bureau for more information. Often the service bureau will be able to work from files on disk.
  • Use a graphics program. Look for product dimensions information in the installation manual and in the OIT Family Operation Manual. You may print legends either on a laser printer or via offset.

You may print legends either on a laser printer or via offset. Use offset if you need many copies. Discuss particulars with your preferred printer.

Material to Use for Keypad Legends

Try a sample before buying paper. Some laser printers may produce a fuzzy printed image due to high fusion temperature.

For laser prints, Maple Systems recommends the following synthetic papers:

Adcover 40104 mil polyesterTekra800/453-9538
Fasson Perma Sheet #5008 (See Note)4.5 mil polyesterAvery-Dennison800/443-9380
MPM “Matte
N714 Nomex5 mil and 7 mil(Various)
Nevertear4.3 mil polyesterXerox800/538-6468,
Proprint4 milTransilwrap800/292-0032

For offset printing, we suggest one of the following papers:

  • Kimdura
  • Polyart
  • Syntape
  • Tyvek
  • Yupo

Ask your preferred printer for a recommendation and a sample to try for easy installation.

Installing a Keypad Legend

Replace the factory-installed keypad legend as follows:


Make sure all paints, inks, and fixatives are thoroughly dry and will not transfer.


Place the OIT face-down on a clean, protective surface.


Find the legend access slot along the right side of the cover.


Remove the tape from the existing legend and pull the legend out.


Slide in the new legend using a “shoehorn” of smooth paper to protect the printed
side of the legend. Be careful; don’t wrinkle the legend by forcing it. Wiggle the
legend slightly if it hangs up.

If the legend shifts too much after installation, either curl the paper or remake
the legend.

NOTE: Make legends long for easy removal.


Check the position of the legend from the front. Then tape the end of the legend to
the cover to secure it.

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