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cMT-FHDX Series


Converting an RMI5001 Project to a cMT-FHDX-220 Project








As the RMI5001 is being phased out and replaced with the cMT-FHDX-220 it may be necessary to convert an existing HMI projects as part of the upgrade process. The steps for successfully converting a project are sequenced below.

NOTE: EBPro projects can be converted from HMI to cMT series models, but the inverse cannot be done. cMT projects cannot be downgraded to HMI models.



Open the HMI project in the latest release of EBPro. Navigate to System Parameters in the Home tab.


Select the Model tab in the System Parameter Settings window. In the HMI Model dropdown list, choose cMT X Series >> cMT-FHDX-220. Click OK to close the System Parameters window.


A window will appear asking to resize windows and objects. Leave the default settings and click OK.


A list of warnings will be displayed in the Project Migration Report window. These warnings are not critical to the compilation of the project and can be addressed at will. Copy and paste the warning messages into a text file to reference later.


[Warning] UAC control address is changed to PLW – This warning notifies the programmer that the security feature in the cMT series uses PLW addresses rather than LW addresses. If you use enhanced security in your HMI project, make sure any screen objects used with the security feature are assigned to the relevant UAC control tag, not the direct address (LW-XXXX). When the project is converted to the cMT model, the addresses referenced by the tags will automatically change from LW to PLW, but the addresses referenced by screen objects will not change.


To assign a tag instead of an address, open the object properties > click Settings.


Select User Defined Tag and choose a tag from the dropdown list for Address Type or select Tag Library and select User-defined tags.


Save the project file. Go to Project >> Compile to compile the project.


If the compilation fails, scroll up in the terminal window to view the errors.


[Window 78] CE_0 : e-Mail not enabled. – This error occurs when email is not used in the project. To resolve this error, navigate to Window 78. Since email is not used in the project window 78 is not necessary. You can delete window 78 or just the Contact Editor object (CE_0) to resolve the error.


Warnings can be handled at will, and do not prevent the project from compiling and downloading. After a successful compilation, the project can be downloaded to the cMT.

Converting from HMI to cMT models


Layered Objects – Layered objects are not supported in the cMT series HMIs. Combo buttons should be used to replace stacks of layered objects. Combo buttons can be configured to perform multiple actions when pressed.


General Mode Security – Advanced or Basic HMI projects that use General mode security that are then converted to cMT models will retain their General Mode Security configuration.  However, GMS is not available when creating new projects for the cMT models.

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