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HMI500 Series


Continuous Injection Plastic Molding Cutter








The HMI 520C is a valuable tool in displaying and modifying data across multiple Modbus devices. The extended addressing allows the HMI to read and write directly to addresses in each device on the network. It’s recipe, password, and pop-up window capabilities prove useful in the development of professional applications.



This application requires an HMI520C to display specified lengths and quantities of plastic extrusion parts from a molding cutter. The HMI must allow operator input to select bundle quantities. The machine controller (in this case, a Modicon Micro 984 PLC connected on a Modbus multi-drop network to an Emerson EN-204 drive) stores the lengths, quantities, and bundle quantities in a data table with 26 different quantities, lengths, and bundle quantities. Using the recipe function in the HMI 520C, the parameters within the 26 batches may be modified as desired by the qualified machine operator. Since the encoder outputs stored in the controller do not have any significance to the operator, the data is displayed scaled on the HMI in order to display lengths in millimeters.

System Components:

Modicon Micro 984

System Operation:

Programmed to communicate using the Modbus RTU protocol, the HMI 520C is connected in a network fashion to the Modicon Micro, which in turn is connected to the Emerson drive.

When the power is first applied, the HMI520C displays a start up screen with the company logo. To get to the recipe screen, the operator must enter an access code. After the correct code is entered, the HMI520C then presents a screen displaying the currently loaded recipe. The operator can also browse through the data for the other recipes. All recipes can be modified with a simple touch that opens up a pop-up window with a keypad. When the data for the next recipe is modified and ready to download, the operator presses a “Download Recipe” button, and the new parameters are downloaded directly to the Micro PLC.

Other screens, which are not password protected, display the total footage of the pieces being cut and the speed at which material is passing through the cutter. The total footage values are scaled when displayed. The speed is read directly from the drive, using the HMI’s “extended addressing” feature. This is shown on a numeric display alongside of a meter also displaying the speed.

More Information

For more about this application, contact Maple Systems, or visit our website. Detailed controller information can be found in our Controller Info Sheets page.

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