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HMI5000 Series
cMT Series


Connecting and Configuring the Wifi Repeater/Bridge (VAP111G-300)








The Vonets Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge Model VAP11G-300 can be used to connect any HMI or cMT to a wireless network, and additionally serve as a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi repeater/bridge and hotspot. An initial web browser-based configuration process is required for setting up a connection to the Wi-Fi network.

CAUTION: The Vonets Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge (VAP11G-300) is the only Wi-Fi repeater/bridge device that has been tested with our products. We strongly advise that you do not attempt to power any other unauthorized or untested devices via the USB host port on our products, as this may damage the hardware on our products and/or other devices.

Connecting to an HMI or cMT

NOTE: The USB 2.0 Host Port on the HMI or cMT can be used to power to the Vonets Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge. Alternatively, the included 5.0V/2.0A DC power supply can be used.


Connect the built-in RJ-45 (Ethernet cable) connector to the desired/available LAN port on the HMI or cMT.


Connect the Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge by inserting the built-in USB cable connector to the USB client port on the unit. The Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge will power on at this time.

Connecting to the Default Setup Hotspot

NOTE: After the Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge is powered on, the setup wizard can be accessed by connecting a smartphone, tablet, or computer to the default setup hotspot.

NOTE: The default setup hotspot SSID is VONETS_ followed by the last six characters of the Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge MAC address. The default hotspot will automatically be available when the device is powered on for the first time, or after performing a factory reset. The default hotspot password is 12345678.


Connect your device to the default VONETS_XXXXXX setup hotspot, by selecting it from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.


Enter the default hotspot password when prompted. By default the password is 12345678.

Remote Access without a Wi-Fi Connection

The default setup hotspot can be used as a standalone hotspot, which does not require a connection to the Wi-Fi network. This feature can be used to connect to the HMI or cMT’s built-in VNC server from a VNC viewer application, or cMT viewer on cMT products; from a mobile device or PC via a Wi-Fi connection to the default hotspot. The default hotspot IP address is The HMI will need to be assigned a unique IP address on the 192.168.254.X subnet, and have the built-in VNC server connection started.

Logging into the Setup Wizard


Enter either vonets.cfg or into the address bar of the web browser on the device. The login screen for the setup wizard will load and be displayed in the web browser.


Enter the default username and password for the Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge setup wizard. The default username and password are both admin.


Select the Wizard option to begin the setup wizard.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network


Select the Wi-Fi network that the Repeater/Bridge will be connecting to and then click Apply.


Select the security mode and WPA algorithm used by the chosen Wi-Fi network.


Enter the Wi-Fi network password in the Source Wi-Fi Hotspot Password field.

NOTE: The Repeater/Bridge features a hotspot which tethers to the Wi-Fi network. Configure the desired hotspot name and security settings if desired. If the hotspot feature is not needed, it can be disabled.

NOTE: If using the Repeater/Bridge hotspot feature, select the desired authentication match mode. The Smart Match feature can be used to block MAC addresses. These settings only apply to the hotspot authentication, and do not interfere with the Wi-Fi network configuration.


A warning regarding network conflicts when using the DHCP server is displayed at the bottom of the page. Please note this warning and then select Apply.

NOTE: The warning message is no longer displayed, and the Continue Add and To Connect buttons are now available. Multiple hotspots can be added, if desired. The To Connect option will test the connection to the Wi-Fi network and display the results and parameters. These steps are not required.


Verify that all settings are correct and select Reboot to save the configuration and reboot the Repeater/Bridge.

NOTE: After rebooting, the Vonets_XXXXXX network will no longer be available. The Repeater/Bridge will now be connected to the Wi-Fi network. Any hotspot that was created will now be available. The Repeater/Bridge can now be unplugged and/or moved to another device at any time and the configuration will be saved.

NOTE: The setup wizard can now be accessed at any time, from a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the Repeater/Bridge hotspot, by entering vonets.cfg in the web browser address bar.

Restoring Default Factory Settings

To restore the Wi-Fi Repeater/Bridge to factory default configuration, hold the small reset button located next to the cable connections down for 5 seconds and then release the button. The blue light will blink a few times, and it will reset automatically (it will take about 30 seconds).

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