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Compress/Uncompress a Project in EBPro








This document provides instructions for compressing and uncompressing projects built in EasyBuilder Pro (EBPro).

Prior to transferring an EBPro project from one PC to another, you must use the Compression Tool if you wish to retain any imported PLC tags or other project customizations (such as any picture/shape libraries that you may have modified).



EBPro projects are, by default, saved in an uncompressed format, and use the following file extensions, depending on the device type (HMI or cMT):

  • Uncompressed HMI projects are saved using the .emtp extension
  • Uncompressed cMT projects are saved using the .cmtp extension

The uncompressed format is used whenever you are editing a project. A project must also be uncompressed before it can be downloaded to a Maple Systems HMI or cMT Series product. (The uncompressed project, at the time of download to an HMI or cMT, is first compiled into a runtime format: .exob or .cxob, respectively. The compiled project runtime file is ultimately what is downloaded to the HMI/cMT.)

Conversely, the compressed project formats use different file extensions:

  • Compressed HMI projects are saved using the .ecmp extension
  • Compressed cMT projects are saved using the .ccmp extension

A project must be compressed in order to make it portable. That is, if you do not compress your project before you transfer it to another PC, then when you open it in the software (EBPro) on the other PC, any tags (including any User-Defined Tags) that you had previously imported from your PLC, as well as any graphics (pictures, shapes) that you had customized, will be gone. Compressing a project ensures that all of the project’s dependencies and customizations are packaged up together. Follow the steps below to learn how to Compress (and subsequently Uncompress) your project.

Compress an EBPro Project

Using the Compression Tool in EBPro

Follow these steps in order to compress your project:

  • From the EBPro File menu, select Compress/Uncompress:
    • Take note of the destination where the compressed project file will be saved.
      Compressed HMI projects will use the .ecmp file format/extension.
      Compressed CMT projects will use the .ccmp file format/extension.
    • If you wish to save the compressed project file to another location besides the one listed in the Desti. Name field, then click on the Browse… button to the right of the Desti. Name field and choose a new location.
    • Click on the Compressing button to begin compressing the project.
    • When the compression step has been completed, you will see a “finished” message in the Compress/Uncompress Project window. Click Exit once you see this.
    • You may now share or transfer the compressed version of the project.
      • NOTE: Once transferred to the new target Windows PC, you will need to Uncompress the project before you can edit it or download it to a new HMI or cMT. (See next section: “Uncompress an EBPro Project”)

Uncompress an EBPro Project


Open EBPro.


When you are prompted to Open or create a New Project, you may select the Uncompress Project button to access the Uncompress Project window.


You may also access the Compress/Uncompress Project window as follows:


In EBPro, from the File menu, select Compress/Uncompress.


Take note of filename and location shown in the Desti. Name field in the Uncompress section.


Recall that HMI projects will use the .emtp extension for the uncompressed format. cMT projects will use the .cmtp extension for the uncompressed format.


When you click on the Uncompressing button, the project will be uncompressed and will be saved to the destination (folder and output filename) listed. You may change either the output folder location or the resulting uncompressed project filename if you wish by clicking on the Browse button to the right of the Desti. Name field.


When you are ready, click on the Uncompressing button. When you see the message saying “finished” the process is complete. Click Exit.


You may now open your uncompressed project file. From the File menu, select Open, browse to the .emtp or .cmtp project file, and click Open.

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