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Your HMI550 has Served you Well. Now it’s Time for an Upgrade

The HMI550’s (H/HE/T) were originally sold from 2001 to 2009. While we no longer offer this model, we have several high-resolution 10.1” options to choose from, including Wi-Fi models. Plus, we have an adapter plate to help your new unit fit into the existing cut-out. Let us guide you through the upgrade process.

Before you start down any upgrade path, first determine whether you have a copy of the existing project, or, if not, whether you can extract the project from the existing HMI550. You may need to contact the OEM or System Integrator that originally created the project for assistance with this step. The cable needed to extract the program from the HMI is P/N 7431-0098A and is available by contacting our sales department. Please allow for two days for this custom cable to be built.

Once you have the project, you will need to convert the project from EZware-500 to EBPro. We created Tech Note 5102 to walk you through the process. If you are unable to obtain a copy of the project, you will need to re-create your project in EBPro.

All of our software is available for free. Download the latest version on our Support Center

Select New Hardware

Now that you have converted your project into EBPro, it’s time to select a new HMI. With the help of our adapter plate, all our 10.1” models are great options making selecting a new HMI easy. Refer to our HMI Overveiw page or our Compare Models table for more information of available HMI models.

Additional items to consider:

Adapter Plate, 1420-5002
Power Supply, 4010-0011
10’ Power Cable, 6030-0009
Programming Cable, Ethernet, 7431-0104
Screen Protector, 2511-0101

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Read more about all our 10.1” models on the HMI Series Overview page, or contact us at sales@maplesystems.com for more information on our HMIs and add-on Accessories.

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