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Implement It!

Congratulations on joining the IIoT with Maple Systems. Below you will find actionable steps to walk you through implementing IIoT solutions for your orgnanization. Maple control interface products support many Internet-enabled features that can bring value to your business yet are easy to configure and maintain. The resources on this page will start putting these powerful features to work for you, so that you can reap the rewards of the IIoT.

Step 1:

If you haven’t already, please review the IIoT information outlined in our IIoT Overview tab to familiarize yourself with basic terms and functionality of Maple IIoT solutions.

Step 2:

Determine which Maple products are best suited to your unique needs. These can be found on our IIoT Solutions page.

  • The HMI and cMT series can act as an Edge Gateway, serving as a protocol translator and MQTT Publisher. As a Publisher, the HMI will connect to a remote MQTT Broker. The HMI or cMT can also act as the MQTT Broker, receiving and passing along data from other devices in the system. In addition, HMIs and cMTs can serve as both Broker and Publisher at the same time.
  • The OMI6000 series supports all three IIoT functions; it can act as an Edge Gateway MQTT Publisher, host an MQTT Broker, or receive data as an MQTT Subscriber. The OMI6000 series is capable of running any combination of these three functions simultaneously, including two or three at once.

Step 3: Download & Configure

You’re now ready to configure your first IIoT application. Using the links below, we’ll help you begin publishing data to the IIoT using MQTT protocol. But first you’ll need to download our configuration software. MQTT protocol is included with the following software:

Maple Systems HMI and cMT Series:

  • For existing customers, upgrade to EBPro . If you have not previously purchased EZwarePlus, you can download a free demo version of EZwarePlus for evaluation or call us at 425-745-3429 to purchase the full version today.
  • For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to configure the MQTT protocol using EZwarePlus, please download our MQTT Set-Up Guide.
  • Review our MQTT sample project, which can be downloaded here.

Maple Systems OMI6000 Series:

  • For existing customers, upgrade to WebStudio Version 8. If you have not previously purchased WebStudio, you can download a free demo version of WebStudio for evaluation or call us at 425-745-3429 to purchase the full version today.
  • For information on using MQTT with WebStudio, please visit Indusoft’s website and review the site information as well as view this webinar. After installing WebStudio you must also download a separate MQTT driver which needs to be downloaded here.

Step 4: Reach Out

Venturing into IIoT territory doesn’t have to be intimidating. Once you’ve purchased the necessary Maple IIoT hardware and software, feel free to contact us with questions. Our Technical Support Group looks forward to helping you connect the steps for your unique IIoT strategy. We can be reached via support@maplesystems.com or via phone: 425-745-3229.

Thank you for choosing Maple Systems as your gateway for the IIoT.

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